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Are you a victim of a Salt and Battery? Who ya gonna call?
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  1. Ah the Joys of living in a country where School is free all the way up through University xD

  2. So I just saw a recent episode of Supergirl (season 6, episode 2, "A Few Good Women") and it featured a trial scene that made me think "I really want to see LegalEagle's take on this" during pretty much every moment. Wanted to toss that out there for your consideration.

  3. Never thought I would have supported you on Patreon, but…

    Toss a coin to your layer made it for me… just… divine…

  4. OBJECTION: where is the case law to prove that Leagal Eagle is allowed to "dad joke"

  5. I'm reading lots of comments, yes that magic 8 ball needs to be a thing.

    You might look through the comments for suggestions on other sides of the D20 that goes into it.

    Yes, I opened one up once, don't do it yourself, because the liquid stained my fingers and my trousers. Not permanent, but still…

  6. Objection!
    "Due two hours from now"
    Oh sweetie, honey… Two hours AGO. lol you lawyer skimmed the dang meme.

  7. I want to hear your opinion on the quote from the Simpsons: "All you can eat, HA" -Homer "Mr. Simpson, this is the most blatant case of Fraudulent Advertising since my suit against the film The Never Ending Story." -Lionel Hutz

  8. if law school profesors were paid in billable hours there would be lots of small assignments

  9. I will buy a lawyer magic 8 ball. Please sell me a LegalEagal lawyer magic 8 ball.

  10. Y’know I would actually love to see the citations / works cited in the description

  11. That's indeed Gru from Despicable Me (where the Minions originate), but the company is Illumination Entertainment, not Pixar or DreamWorks.

  12. I would totally buy a Magic Eight ball that always returns “It Depends”. In Analytics (which is my career) the answer is surprisingly “It Depends” a lot of the time… and it drives my clients crazy!

  13. Dude, I never understood it, but I had a lawyer helping me with my issue and when we finally went before the judge I should have been mid day if not end of day. He went in like 10 mins before the day started and lined us up to go first case before the judge. He was a gorgeous man, and undeniably suave. The clerk… visibly thirsty. I just died when he came out and told me we were first case.

  14. Please, next time do away with the drum sequence every 20 seconds. Annoying. Really. Content is good, though.

  15. Objection! Oil paint is expensive, messy, and never dries, so it's highly unlikely that a courtroom sketch artist who's main goal is to produce sketches quickly would ever bring oil paints into the courtroom. I was unable to find any information on the kinds of paints used in courtroom sketches, but looking at various courtroom sketches it appears that color pencils (mostly charcoal, I think), watercolor paints, and various types of color markers are common. There doesn't appear to be any standards so each artist probably just picks whatever is quick and comfortable. Watercolor paints would definitely be the easiest type of paint to bring into a courtroom.

    Bonus fun fact: Much of the paint that Studio Ghibli uses is a special kind of paint produced exclusively for them and is not sold to anyone else in the world.

  16. Did you see the TV series Shark? James Woods plays a hotshot criminal lawyer that switches sides to the DA

  17. "Although you don'see them, the citations are there"

    Did you try that in school as well? 😉

  18. “Ask not the elves lawyers for advice, because they will tell you both 'yes' and 'no'.”
    J.R.R. Tolkien me

  19. Never, ever, EVER disrespect the gatekeeper. Whether they're clerks, secretaries, or receptionists – they determine who gets in and who doesn't. So be nice to the person who holds the metaphorical keys or you may never get in the door!

  20. It depends magicball: exists
    Me: That can't apply to every situation. What f I asked it if the sky was blue?
    Me: rememebers the "do you love the color of the sky?" tumblr post
    Me: . . .
    Me: I played myself

  21. I've always wondered, If a Lawyer asks if you're '100% certain, Yes or No' about something, given that the realities of Quantum Mechanics are such that there are only a very select few things that are 100% Certain (There is no portion of an electron probability cloud in the nucleus for instance) what IS the actual legal standard for 'certain' in terms of %? Or, since the lawyer has asked a…loaded question, can you answer in the way in which best serves your interests since neither answer is accurate?

  22. Heh, my cousin started law school in St Louis this year… indeed it sucks for him.

  23. #19-So true!. I'm an accountant, not a lawyer. Many years ago. I represented my employer, (a smalll business in California), in Small Claims Court for an unpaid bill. He claimed that the vendor had "promised him a discount", but we didn't have the promise in writing. The vender sued us. I told my boss that we didn't have any proof of the promise and were going to lose. He didn't believe me. When we came before the judge, the plaintiff made her argument. I made mine. Then the plaintiff tried to add more to her argument. The judge told her to "Shut up. You won already. If you keep talking I'm going to rule for the defendant." I asked the judge to let her keep talking if she wanted to. He laughed, then apologized to me, and ruled in her favor.

  24. Yeah, the bar in 2020 was definitely like sitting in a fire, pretending ev was fine. Ugh, never ever again!!

  25. I'd posted this on one of the Lawyer Jokes videos already, but here's a joke a lawyer friend of mine told me:

    What do you call someone who graduated from Med School at the bottom of their class? "Doctor."
    What do you call someone who graduated from Law School at the bottom of their class? "Your Honor."

  26. Two hours "AGO," not "FROM NOW". You changed the joke… but only slightly. Wow. I've become a troll. Sorry.

  27. A magick 8 ball where all answers are "It depends" would be the most accurate fortune telling device ever.

  28. "cottage industry of supplements"
    that's a neat term for that drug dealer you buy Adderall from

  29. The only people I can think of that are obsessed with citations as lawyers are historians. Both can be exceptionally petty. At least lawyers have a (hopefully) mostly impartial arbiter that renders a judgment that stands until overruled by a higher power. With historians, it's just a bunch of hens clucking.