New Lawyer Sees Progress As Officer Gets Charged Right After Killing | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Minnesota police officer Kim Potter has been indicted for manslaughter, an unusually swift charge for an officer in a deadly police incident. The charge comes amidst ongoing protests and a vigil for Daunte Wright. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who now represents the Wright family, to discuss the developing case and the latest news in the Chauvin trial. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Lawyer Sees Progress As Officer Gets Charged Right After Killing | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


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  1. Kevin St Clair

    David Fowler, your opinion don't mean a f**k. You don't care about justice. Sounding good and hope everyone will buy into your crap, thats what you're about.

  2. they show this to use against floyd but look at how those cops handled it that's what i see

  3. Maxamillian Steele


  4. Whispering Breeze

    That's a reason to taze someone because they won't spit something out? I'd hate to see if ya fart.

  5. Mountain Fisher

    A white police will Never be held accountable for MURDERING a Black Man. Never, this is all just a dog n pony show for us so they can say we tryed. Just like they will not hold trump or any republican responsible for the Murder of 550,000 + American Citizens.

  6. They have to make it about race when almost every single cop I have ever seen would take down a white kid just as hard.

  7. with our watching video I call it bs she will find not guilty

  8. Progress would be a ban on assault weapons and restrictions on where guns can be in a persons possession. There needs to be an age requirement for possession of a firearm outside of military bases and that should be 21

  9. Alice Ramirez

    This officer stole this man's life by killing him😱

  10. There is a statement in British legal procedure that justice must not only be done, it must appear to be done. It seems to me that when the actions of police leads to the death of a person it should follow that police are not the investigators of those instances. There needs to be a separate and fully independent investigating body that brings the case before the District Attorney. The US system is different to the Australian system of which I have some knowledge.

  11. Rychy St. Vincent

    RUN THIS UP THE CHAIN: Form a website to collect a running list of all the people affected by acts of racial violence. Call it CIL (Civilians Impacted League). A web-based depository of every incident of racial violence over the last 50 years. A list of the victims and everyone directly affected, the assailants, the outcomes (payouts, convictions, legislation). Use CIL to inform the general public of important political issues facing the wellbeing of the United States. CIL, the inclusive and quintessential list of crimes against all ethnicities.

  12. iCon_xB2Gen Rich

    💯% murdered by pigs 🐷
    The xchief examiner is going to jail too because he is the one who behinds the death 💀


  14. The lawyer talking about the mother's of their murdered sons had me crying

  15. Anand Shekharan

    Imagine this defence witness at the Gates of Heaven entrusted with the responsibility of deciding who gains entry.
    Trump his gang and everyone at Fox would be provided a Red Carpet Welcome.

  16. Not guilty

  17. Daniel Palma

    What a novel idea? Charging a cop for the same actions that a civilian would get jail time for? Practical reform for practical problems.

  18. Joanna Brinkley

    If Prosecutors don’t have to prove that Chauvin was the sole cause of Floyd’s death—only that the conduct was substantial causal factor—the manslaughter charge has a lower bar requiring proof that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death through negligence that created unreasonable risk…….
    I’m ALMOST as confident as He was before Judge Cahill w/o Jury present

    I am looking towards conviction, there will be an investigation to determine the length of sentence to include character/habits/and not yet known to the public-18 complaints

    With Floyd’s Death, could be taken into consideration that a nine year old Child Bystander

    Seeing God’s Grace in Action: Their Mothers deserve our support and Justice

  19. Loralieisa M

    The defense is trying to create reasonable doubt and wants the jury to believe Floyd died of natural causes and it is a complete coincidence Chauvin's knee was on his neck at the same time he died.


  20. Robert J. Williamson

    It doesn't matter if there were some contributing factors. Many middle ages men have contributing factors and if put under that amount of pressure for that period of time, the guy passed out and wet himself, they would also have died.
    If the USA allows this cop the get away with murder there will be riots all over the world. There were massive, sometimes violent demonstrations all over Europe because of this crime against humanity.
    The USA needs to drag itself out of its racist past and start acting like a decent modern nation. Their police are barbaric, brutal and the cops in other developed nation simply don't carry on like this.
    The statistics in the USA are insane. It's not only the police brutality but the slavery within jails. They are not a civilised country at all.

  21. NO . THE SO CALLED EXPERIENCED officers did not care for mr floyd safety .All he had to do was turn him over on his back ,and if needed hold his legs. IF HE WAS dying from drugs and heart disease at that very moment, the police officer still finished killing him ,still murder . I think the most he does is ten years for guilty manslaughter .

  22. brodrick book stacks

    i don't see how the earlier video makes the cops look better or George look worse – it certainly reinforces how cops behave

  23. melissa dunkling

    In both arrest you can tell hes scared and after the 2019 arrest you can tell his anxiety and possibly a panic attack was really bad that day he died and they could've just calmed down and took their time to figure out what was going on but they escalated the situation like do you have somewhere else to be that you can't slow down . They didn't handcuff the other people or put them in a car why not let George floyd stay seated on the sidewalk . Another thing is why is it necessary to approach the car guns drawn 🤔. They pull them guns when its so not needed . I've never been pulled over and had guns pulled but I've seen countless videos of that happening to black people why is that

  24. Niels Pemberton

    NOBODY should be ABOVE the law. BTW Just WHAT is this KOOKABURRA from the ANTIPODIES doing @ the Chauvin Trial ? I DO NOT like FOREIGNERS meddling in our domestic affairs !! ( I use kookaburra as a nasty term for Aussies.)

  25. melissa dunkling

    This dr.fowler is being sued in another case for hiding evidence and covering for the cops . This is his m-o to testify for the defense

  26. Dont believe a word that these so called professionals say that were paid by police unions and defense.. it was murder,, just accept it

  27. She was charged, but will probably get off.

  28. If I find someone in a serious medical distress from literally nothing I did, then I call for help, and I put my knee on their neck and hold it there for the better part of 10 minutes to add extra stress on their body instead of offering any kind of aid – then I'd still be responsible. I hope that if police find my family member is seriously unwell in their custody that they render aid, anything less is criminal.

  29. violet vallance

    Let someone put chauvin in the same position with cops on his knees and a big cop with a knee on his neck. And get the cop to put his hands in his pockets and put the full weight on his neck for nine minutes and twenty nine seconds. Then let the jury decide.

  30. Try the same treatment given to floyd to this lying expert to see if he stays alive

  31. Al Notterbot

    Who left the car running? Charge them too.

  32. Today In Idiocracy

    Man I would hate to be one of the loser lawyers defending the pos pig you can tell by his face that he got a kick out of what he was doing to George just look at it he was just enjoying it so much

  33. Samantha Hart

    All this for an alleged $20 crime?

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