New Lawyer: Steals His Life

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  1. Keen Nickolas

    I feel like, Pete is the asshole in all of those skits … and the other person is always the beaten …

  2. He Mack love and leave the picture that is cold 5 star rating

  3. I like to think hes in prison cus he did something terrible and Petes just fucking with him cus he doesnt want him to get out.

  4. Montana Cowboy

    Am I the only one wondering how he always sticks the price of paper to the glass?🤔

  5. AcemanX Ace Wolf™

    Lol I knew he was gonna say we make love

  6. Armando Dubal

    Is that batman from that one skit? Haha

  7. Ouch.

  8. You guys should do a sketch where the fat red head is upset with you about something. Very "who's on first" every single time….

  9. Mondli ngubane

    "Why did they do that? They are movie stars."

  10. You gonna get CUT boy!

  11. Hydrogenmissle

    This is some of the best acting ive ever seen the only reason y i say that is the guy pete is portraying reminds me of someone ik in real life who was a friend of mines dad only he cheated on his own wife with another woman, the acting is litterally one to one to how he acted and talked. This is legit how corrupt men are like.

  12. Lawrence Gillespie

    I think Matt's gone to hell and Pete's the devil.

  13. Wait is he the person from college humor.

  14. John Phillip

    “Have you seen true detective? Why did they do that, they’re movie stars.” 😂

  15. Shane Garrett

    Some real Boys 2 Men shit. . . . . LOL

  16. Steven Clark

    Even I wanna punch him

  17. Daniel Cuthbert

    One of the many problems with capitalism is marriage because being cheated on is heartbreaking. We as a global society need to boycott marriage and strike and boycott the stock exchange demanding the governments of the world discontinue money and then negotiate for robust welfare


    why does Pete look like a fatter Danny D?

  19. Thomas Craiker

    As a man who has worked prison for several years, this more accurate then you want to know.

  20. mind fuck

  21. I’m unsubbing for this. Idec if it’s just tv

  22. kekekekekeketamin

    Now that's some NTR shit

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