New Lawyer To Be Kim Worried She Won't Have Time For Kanye | Season 16 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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  1. I mean come on guys she has to know the ins and out of the laws she about to abuse when she get a divorce from kanye and makes sure she gets full custody of north so she can still get millions on child support so she can hop on another famous rappers Dikk to make more money and this is who the world is glorifying SO SAD😩

  2. I always thought her as some plastic person…. This one thing made me change my whole impression about her! 🥺❤️Kim

  3. Being a millionaire having own big big business and studying law is just appreciating mind blowing. Kim is such a nice woman

  4. It's sad how kanye and kim are divorced now, when she was saying that he is her biggest supporter.

  5. When you are a celebrity lol the teacher gives you gift and for us it would have been the other way around . 😂

  6. “I won’t have time for literally anything” …
    Well considering you’ve had time for your entire life… I have no sympathy

  7. I do not like kim actually, but i love to see her passion and who really is she beyond makeup and glam, it would be wounderful if she succeeded in this

  8. And in the end she really didn’t have time for Kanye, she grew and realize she couldn’t deal with everything

  9. Watching this after hearing about their divorce. Hope they work it out once noone's happiness will be sacrificed

  10. I love how kim has changed the world and still changing and will change I love kim so much and kanye too I love kanye and she is so focused on her studies I want that in my life to to focused on my studies 😭😵

  11. But did she really graduate or was it just for few weeks/months and for publicity?