New Lawyer update: Here's what you need to know from Pastor Artur Pawlowski's trial on Wednesday
In court on Wednesday when Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers mounted an exceptional defence that even garnered the praise from the presiding judge in Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s case, Justice Adam Germaine.
FULL REPORT by Adam Soos:

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  1. Canada is going under communism.

  2. mike muschik


  3. Sarah is an example of throughout prepared lawyer to defend her client and follow the law.

  4. Raida Rihany

    Thank you Arthur for fighting for our rights and freedom. We ow it to you to support you. and to continue our prayers for your unshakable justice and victory. For the favour of God and the favour of man. For the complete safety and protection for you and your family. God bless you. 🙏🏼🔥

  5. The health board cannot provide any proof to support any justification to actions they have taken on covid

  6. AHS are not elected by the people they work for the the people and should be terminated when over stepping

  7. vadim videos

    God bless you!

  8. vadim videos

    Thank you for valuable job!

  9. andrea mcnally

    This woman is brilliant. We are lucky to have her working for the light

  10. John Stewart

    The Tribunal’s action banning COVID “Vaccine” functional bioweapons in all provinces of Canada comes on the heels of public disclosure that “Vaccine” bioweapon manufacturer ““Pfizer’s own documents that state both inhalation and skin contact will transmit whatever is in the vax from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

  11. Nancy Williams

    God Bless you Pastor Pawlowski for your strength to stand up for freedom.

  12. Nancy Lee-Menard

    DeputyCheif Justice Rooke has been bought – appointed by Trudeau. – not a great reference. Pastor Artur was treated with contempt = no one should be treated this way. Thank you Sara for your work.

  13. Maria Gisone

    This is the most shameful incident…can't believe Canadians are not speaking out more .

  14. Sébastien Loyer

    It is all rig against the: person " commercial entity".
    Become a living man.
    Get out of the
    " Death system" aka birth certificate.

  15. Sébastien Loyer

    Use quantum language.
    Learn it is important

  16. Sébastien Loyer

    Sheep work for the bar 1$t
    Can't fully fight the system

  17. Sébastien Loyer

    Russell Jay Gould.
    Get yourself a : certificate of the living.
    The bar is corrupt:
    Canada corporation is
    Bankrupt and dissolved since
    May 17 2017

  18. He was given notice , and he throw them off the land. He infringing on my civil rights.

  19. Right where I leave 15 years ago!! the same place
    where I had a bike accident that's crazy LOL!!!

  20. Fascist cowardly, corrupt police

  21. Clint Calvert

    Fight like hell for justice.

  22. Jeremy Giesbrecht

    Sounds like they are on the level of the Gestapo

  23. Artists, clergy and the educators. First ones tyrants go after

  24. Jeremy Giesbrecht

    The whistle stop crowd needs defence as well.

  25. Fight in the courts or in the streets.

  26. Peter Harpas

    May God bless the pastor. As a Greek Orthodox I'm pissed off that our church is doing exactly what the govt wants. GOD said fear nothing but me, and that what I follow.

  27. Those police-officers should be sued.

  28. I don't like her arguments that this should be thrown out on a procedural basis. I would have preferred a constitutional challenge as the order is a violation of the constitution.

  29. Shes an awesome team mate!
    It also seems like she genuinely cares vs this just being her job.
    Thankyou a ton!

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