New Lawyer Who Defended OJ Simpson Passes Away at 87

F. Lee Bailey, the lawyer known for his successful defense of O.J. Simpson in the former football star’s headline-grabbing murder trial, has died at age 87. During the 1985 Simpson trial, Bailey cross-examined former Los Angeles police officer Mark Fuhrman, bringing light to Fuhrman’s use of racial slurs, which sowed seeds of doubt in the minds of jurors who ultimately acquitted Simpson. Simpson took to social media to memorialize his lawyer and friend.


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  1. Miss. Danni Tiger

    Woah, that's insane….!

  2. Chewbacca defense rests in peace

  3. davidgriffin14

    1985 trial????
    It was in the 90's!

  4. Doesn't Inside Edition have proofreaders? It was a 1995 trial, not 1985!!!

  5. I thought the trail was 1994?

  6. Tuff

  7. Always going to happen deaths gets us all! Enjoy the next chapter whatever it is Bailey

  8. •Doki Doki• •Buzzie Club!•

    Hey oj Simpson

  9. Kevin is Nice

    Flee baylee could be in hell.

  10. Man already looked like 70 in the 80's how could he still be alive till this year ?! 😅😂😫

  11. At least one thing we all gotta realize that sometimes we die doing things that we love.

  12. 1985? Cmon

  13. Dennis Taylor 3

    Can we throw him in jail now!

  14. Rip and also it was not 1985 it was 1995

  15. Jeffrey Florez

    The trial was in 1995…

  16. Inside edition: OJ Simpson lawyer dead
    Me, an intellectual: don't care 😎

  17. Your Account

    Something good just happened

  18. Thanks for letting me know killer.

  19. Don't fret, O.J., you will see him again…in Hell.

  20. Bipolar Paparazzi

    What a reckoning that was at The Pearly Gates

  21. AnimalMother

    I wouldn't want to be oj when the man comes around

  22. Come on man you still guilty asf.

  23. Sucks he lasted this long!!

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