New Lawyers Behaving Badly: Attorney Smirks and Shakes Head at Justices during public reprimand and …

Attorney Jeffrey Alan Norkin did not have much respect for the Florida Bar Proceedings that resulted in his initial suspension and in the Florida Supreme Court’s decision to publicly reprimand him. That is obvious. He also showed no respect to the Florida Supreme Court Justices while his reprimand was given. But he ended up paying the price for his digressions at the public reprimand. He did not fully comply with the terms of his suspension, and in new charges that resulted in his permanent disbarment, the issue of his conduct at this hearing was also raised.

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  1. I'm thinking this guy needs to be drug tested.

  2. Part of his reprimand should have been slapping that stupid grin off his face.

  3. I can See His Demon 😈 … Hope Karma visits him VERY SOON!

  4. Aria Contrellia

    Zoe thing seriously wrong with this dude. Look at his reactions

  5. C Liverpoolboy01

    Trust and confidence in our courts 😂🤣😂🤣😂👎

  6. What a narcissist…. just be humble and accept the judges grace

  7. Djt student

  8. TheSkeetergirl

    I think he is about the most unprofessional thing I've seen in front of a judge. Wow! Thank you ML.

  9. Cant react. Id definitely be in trouble
    Have to stand like ur in the military

  10. It's too bad he goes about it in the wrong way.
    Read a long article from him concerning attorneys today and how they are basically stealing from clients. It seemed reasoned and well written

  11. Thanks ML 🙈🙉🙊👌❤️❤️

  12. Toxic Orchid

    I'm sorry but this guy just really showed what a twatwaffle he is by continuing to leer grin and shaking his head. You would think he would be truly humbled by being reprimanded publicly. Rehabilitation for this guy is not going to work. He thinks he's above everyone.

  13. This guy needs to go away. What a punk!

  14. Craziness in a suit.

  15. Why not just disbarment? I say MATT GAETZ NEXTDo not wait until he's convicted of sex trafficking minors he's threatening violence and suggesting other people use their guns to kill

  16. Next matt gaetz

  17. Is he eligible to practice in another state?

  18. Enrico Palazzo

    Maybe he just smirks and shakes his head when he gets nervous.

  19. David Gaugamela

    Wow. What an idiot.

  20. I can't help feel dismayed. Egregious behavior and a suspension with … Treatment? Wtf he would be fired from any civil job for less. It's no surprise the wrong decision was rendered the first time. Sh of ukd have been immediately disbarred. Unusual admonishment ffs. Y'all got do better policing your own. Allowing an obvious idiot to continue to represent clients knowing what he did is negligent of the court.

  21. Disgusting. At least take your punishment like a man. How sad for his family. Great job ML. Thanks.

  22. WHAT?? Was he thinking? Is he known to have any impairments, seriously? He rolled his eyes shook his head and crossed his arms. Guess he didn't make any progress in redeeming the courts eye. Imo there may be more who should be in the boat with him. Just wow Thanx! Thanx ML!!

  23. Norkin has zero redeeming qualities and I was happy to hear he was permanently barred ~ what a supreme jerk!

  24. Julius Sugioka

    Where can I find the full video that you're playing?

  25. TheLizardKing

    Dude is a sociopath

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