New Lawyers for Andrew Brown, Jr. demand bodycam video release

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  1. What did he do for a living? What sort of role model was he for his children? Why do his children have different last names? Sounds like he was an exemplary model in his community.

  2. These pigs are out of control and the worst part is they don’t care.

  3. If you resist police, you can expect that you could get your brains blown out, no matter what race you are. I’m not saying police are entitled to use deadly force whenever someone resists arrest, but people need to take accountability for their actions and be smart. Selling drugs? You can expect it’s gonna catch up with you and that your ass is gonna get arrested one day.

  4. Andrew Brown has 34 serious infractions and 10 felonies, some are violent as well as a history of resisting. He served 2 yrs in jail for domestic violence. Not saying he should be shot, but it's something that the media wont tell you.

  5. Courage, Pride, Honesty, and Love ..Must prevail! ..if we are to recover and heal, from ..Our Broken Society! My Prayers and condolences go out to Mr. Brown, his family and loved ones, during their time of grief and mourning.
    And, may God grant us the wisdom and discernment, to get it right, this time! Hope, may be all we have, but its’ enough, let God in! ♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  6. Yep and even if y’all get the body cam footage y’all still still be like “RACIST COP” or “ WE WANT JUSTICE”

  7. Of all the problems that plague Black America, police shooting black people is one of the least of them.

  8. Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister not a criminal!
    He organized a number of peaceful protests. He didn’t burn🔥 down business. He was the head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, not the head of gangs he was not a drug dealer! So please stop 🛑 saying what’s happening now is the same!

  9. It’s so stupid release the video. The longer they wait the worse it will all be.

  10. Any job – you've been late 3 times, its become a pattern. We have to let you go.

    Police officer – oh you killed someone? No problem, will just place you on administrative leave

  11. They are looking for that pay off!! Doesn't matter if the police are right or wrong..

  12. Let’s make a comparison of the Floyd video to “cookie crumbs” on the hands (police) of a child denying they ate the cookies.  Now that the Floyd video has convicted Chauvin you can bet yo last dolla responsible parties will holla and hide all the cookie crumbs.  @rychybiz

  13. Ya they demand it now but when it's found out that it's all bs then blm will continue to demand getting rid of body cams
    Typical criminal behaviour