New Letting chat donate to swap a card in my deck

Possibly the worst decision I have ever made. and that’s saying a lot

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  1. The full stream available here:

    (Backup if not working: click end card last 10 seconds of video)

  2. So basically he's forcing ppl to donate 🤣

  3. Meep Master47

    Yo did y’all see the fortnite event



  5. FazeGregPaul 69

    I watched the stream

  6. The stream was amazing

  7. Me with random decks: 10:10

  8. tbh i've seen at least one of those decks in my game

  9. Play every electricity-card in one deck

  10. Povilas Bačiulis

    Video idea: open chests and use cards that you got from those chests

  11. Theodore Sid

    Where does he stream?

  12. Bro u are the best player but getting bit of support

  13. TF LYES 🐺

    Nice video bro 😁

  14. Are you on twich

  15. lolbunolol777.

    Mid ladder decks be like

  16. Zulharamyne Mannow

    please play miner decks…

  17. YouLostTheGame And I Did Too

    Well at least You gotmoney

  18. Beast Gaming Cr and coc

    I saw the vid in which you were drunk

  19. freebow

  20. It felt good using your creator code before purchasing the royale pass ❤️❤️

  21. Salvatore Finocchiaro

    chat made you play mid ladder decks

  22. 9:12 bomber became steph curry

  23. That one man who wrote replace your E giant with DN is a legend


  24. Mr Dɛиʈгɛɗ̥ʘ̬

    11:51 that +35 confused me

  25. Yo B-Rad. Idk if ur gonna see this, but Best-NA (one of the best Xbow players on YT) would want to 1v1/play with u, but he's afraid to contact u cuz he thinks u wouldnt reply, bc he would gain from u. Pls try to contact him or comment on one of his vids and make sum vids together. PLEASE❤

  26. hey brad i got a deck that has been working for m and i am only in low legendary arena but its working
    the deck: poison, bomb tower, heal spirit, royal hogs, knight, spear gobbies, motherwitch and snowball (or an small spell)

  27. Thats prof to be a top player you don't need a good deck just a good player

  28. nguyen ba nguyen ba

    Challenge : play card that just got buff and neft in the recent balance change

  29. howiskoalariotaken

    Watching to see if my deck is bad or if I’m trash

  30. Balloon freeze haha

  31. Trustyn Miller

    That was the best video ever

  32. Robert Lezama

    Face 1v1 i beat you..still in maple miners clan. Lol haha

  33. Masternoob Junior


  34. I’m BACK

  35. B-rad do making expensive versions of cheap decks pls <3

  36. Davide Parretti

    Now that's a lot of money

  37. Roo Jackaroo

    I haven't played clash royale in 2 years and I still watch every one of Brad's vids,always entertaining.

  38. Hatty xD1 Youtuber

    Pin me for no reason

  39. Did no one notice at 9:00 he has a level 14 inferno tower

  40. This is entertaining as hell

  41. Vetrogaming123_net

    B-rad should make a deck from every arena

  42. Samuel Chavez

    "FRICK" -B-rad 2021

  43. antonio mckinnon

    Sad i missed this one

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