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  1. The Lazy Sage Ranch

    Just paying it forward. We believe in Barn Raising and you guys! We’re glad you got that “peddle” boat back, as you only owe us a cruise on that thing! More to come! LLLYGs ❤️🦔

  2. Diana LaBonte

    Blessings on You Guys !!! May you have a home of your own by the end of Summer ,, ! Enjoy yourself an God Bless You All ,,,,,Much Love ❤️ Diana

  3. You guys be careful and watch for ticks and snakes

  4. SharonPevahouse Our frugal life

    Kisses Ellion, your the sweetest!

  5. Catla Whipple

    CHALLENGE!!! Everyone watch this video 2 times. Just want to see a 2nd Blessing of double the views. Everything helps guys plus it be fun to see a very high viewing of this video.

  6. Marlene Trimnal

    Hello Chris Hollie.. I live across the blue ridge parkway I'm Living don't far From slideing Rock… Wishing you Guy's All The Best… Slideing Rock's a fun place indeed..

  7. Gaffer tape will fix that tent rod. Happy travels guys.

  8. Teresa Dixon

    Enjoy sliding rock its awesome and the water is cold even now ….. they have the glass water falls also

  9. Melanie Lippincott

    Elion's hair is getting so blonde. I agree with what someone else said. A sweet loving confident boy like that knows he is loved, and knows his self worth.

    Y'all are doing such a good job giving him the outdoors to learn, live and grow in. Play in the dirt, play with with bugs and lizards, be a boy or just a kid.

    Good job Mom and Dad!

  10. Those lizards are poison, if hadn't been for my Dad killing one like Elion had it would have bitten my Little Sister and wen the man come to see what my Dad had shot he told us it was Poisons.

  11. sin gumilang

    🖐shalom may Adonai bless your new adventures according to His will n gv u wisdom as u go on ur new adventures in Jesus name hallelujah amen praise the Lord Gbu always 🙏🔥😇👑👍🌺🌼

  12. Rachael Secka

    Love you guys safe travels looking forward to the next adventure

  13. caren howard

    Southern Indiana is watching.

  14. Kim Spillane

    I would love to hang out with you guys and go camping

  15. Naomi Sullivan

    This whole movement has given me back my faith in mankind!! You guys are awesome!!

  16. Aspen Robinson

    I have a lean on my house from being sued by visa. People say they can't drain your accounts and are trying to dcard you etc…yeah they can and will. If you have collateral they will come after you especially if your mortgage is at the same bank as your credit card . I know a lady that had a high balance credit card and never paid it..she was at the bank 7 yrs later and the teller gave her a preapproved visa ..she said no I owe on my visa they said it is written and declared as a loss after seven years . They can't get blood from a stone .. she went out and charged bedroom set and tv with no plans on ever paying it off and they already gave her a credit card balance increase and I got sued . Lol.

  17. susan Leffler

    So wonderful that y'all have so many great supporters❤️

  18. Christine Benowitz

    so cute.. kiss u tube. you are on adventure. I think God is leading you to a better place. See you on your next site!!!

  19. 👍👍👍

  20. Melanie Walker

    Good for you I'm so glad there are good people out there. You're both great parents to Ellion and Melanie They both do you proud. Ellion by his lovely manners and sweet nature just like Melanie l didn't know Melanie could sing she has a lovely voice and she's beautiful.

  21. Kathleen O'Leary

    😚 😚 back to Ellion. He’s adorable

  22. Ellion is the sweetest little boy take care and be safe I love watching your videos

  23. Sherry Perry

    Loved every minute of this video can’t wait for the next one xx

  24. Heather Oester

    Lol….Chris you can do little cruises around the lake on your peddle boat!…..Maybe you can start "Chris's peddle boat tours"…🤣❤👍

  25. Great music…love the one after air condition segment…who sings that beautiful …beautiful song?

  26. That is so adorable…did the baby at 3:40 say, "I love that noise."…how cute.

  27. jenn The FAM

    Chris Hollie Ellion You are all blessed all the time and I’m very happy that someone donate $1000 to you you all have a wonderful and blessed day continue praying for you all

  28. lynn kellyheartlands

    I’m so Loving these videos can’t wait to see the next one ☝️ have fun guys

  29. Animated Adventures

    I think the lizard is a “Blue tail Skink” they drop their tales sometimes when scared!
    Such a blessed Gift and friendship from your Viewers and support! On to the next Adventure, ✊🤍

  30. My daughter lived in Troy for a while. She was going to get married the following July to a guy but they broke up and she is a nurse that is living east of that now. The family that she almost married in has a big campground and lots of horses in a pasture. You can go there with your horses or they let you ride one of there’s. The place was really nice. On Sunday they have church services and everyone takes a dish or two. When they finish Church service they eat and then they put the rest of the food in the fridge or whatever needs to be there. We all miss it but we are so thankful that their Courtship stopped before she got hurt more. You keep on showing your videos. I love for you to say we’re you are at lease we’re you all leaving. I can understand if you don’t tell we’re you are but tell us we’re you are leaving form. Your son is a bug expert on the things that crawl on our earth. Holli I think that is how you call your name. Please take lots of pictures with your phone when he finds a bug etc. write a journal for him to see and read when he gets older. Those pictures that I hope will have pictures of him wanting to save the lizard. Date all his pictures and I know that you have a lot of time that later and you can say to him to look what he did when he was younger. I really think that he was put on Gods beautiful earth to show all around him. Stay safe and looking forward to your next campsite. Oh I just about fogot the

  31. Catherine Carnish

    We enjoyed watching your adventures on this start of new journey. What a new beginning it's been already. I look forward to seeing your infectious ways of going after your dreams. Mr.. Lizzie eating those big worms and the saying goodbye. Even the song at the ending. Great choice. Looking forward to seeing when y'all get to Sliding Rock. I've never been. Just watched other family's videos. Hopefully can go wear some holes in my shorts one of these summer days soon. God bless and thanks for all the hard work filming and editing for us who are inspired from your strengths. Safe travels and until the next.

  32. Barbara Matthews

    Love you guys be safe have fun make lasting memories🙏💚🌟🎈🎡

  33. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  34. Claire Joy Lives

    Soaking yourself in water and add wind is about the only thing you can do to cool off without AC.

  35. Jackie Reseigh

    I’m in lockdown in Australia so these camping videos are extra special. Love you guys , little Ellion is getting a great start in life with these wonderful adventures. Travel safe and keep these videos coming .

  36. Leonis Guinaran

    Guys that was a great adventure and family bonding.nice way to commune with nature.

  37. Wanda Seward

    God Bless! Safe travels, and looking forward to your next adventure.

  38. Ruth Warnock

    Kiss back at you sweetheart

  39. That was an awesome kiss little lion ty can't wait for your next adventure

  40. Mark Preudhomme

    Wow that is so cool what The Lazy Sage Ranch did for you and that will help out a lot in many ways well into the future if you improve on how much it has helped already. Being limited to 60K pretty much guaranteed you would never get an FHA loan but if you're in the 100K range or higher then it should become very possible the Home I have started as an FHA loan and I bought it originally for a little over 95K. Now the thing to keep in mind the trouble with FHA loans isn't the price but rather the condition, the price of 60K or lower was because of the condition. If those same homes met FHA requirements then they would have been selling for more. So once you get your new budget to work with keep this in mind when house hunting. Don't hunt for homes that need a lot of repair work, instead look for homes in good condition but doesn't have a bunch of added features. So instead of looking for homes that you can do a bunch of repair videos on, look for homes that need a bunch of improvements to make it even more comfortable and then do videos about upgrading the home rather then repairing it. For example maybe look at a home that just has a cement slab patio but that you could build a nice wooden deck for. Or instead of looking for a home with a workshop already built maybe look for a place where you have just a partially buried basement that has a door leading out to the backyard where you can run your workshop out of the basement at first and build your own workshop from the ground up. Those are just a couple of quick ideas off the top of my head but I'm sure you can come up with more, better ideas. Now there's something else I wanted to point out to you. I think it was a very smart move to start posting the names of your donors at the ends of your videos, not everyone but a majority of people that contribute to a channel they like really enjoy seeing their name appear on screen or hearing their name in a shout out. It's kind of like having their own brief moment in the spotlight I guess. Now me personally I don't care so much about all that but I mention this because I notice that in the past couple of videos where you've shown names of people that have donated to the house fund, my name hasn't been posted even though I donated $10 to GoFundMe in the first few days after you announced about the GoFundMe. Now I did noticed you posted "anonymous" several times and if I was someone who cared a lot about such things and I got left out but anonymous got posted several times, my feelings would probably be kind of hurt. Now I don't know why this happened, was it just an oversight or maybe you've only posted some of the names and you plan to post more in the future? Or maybe there have been so many donations that the list became so long GoFundMe has started dropping some of the earliest donors from the list? Whatever the answer you may want to put some disclaimer about why names might now appear so nobody gets offended because you know only too well how easily people can get offended. Anyway that's it, I just wanted to bring that to your attention. Have a good time visiting with those friends at the beach and then later on at your next camp site and at Sliding Rock, I look forward to seeing that video given how much you've talked about it for the past couple of months. I bet it will be a blast. Oh one last question, did Fish ever catch any chrises? 🙂

  41. Backwoods Girl85

    Hey kids! Beautiful lake!!!

  42. Laura Leggett

    Love the video. Hope all can get a house soon hello little lion

  43. Tara Sanders


  44. Tracy Taylor

    Where is the cat

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