New LIVE: Attorney Ben Crump, family of George Floyd hold news conference Saturday

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Attorney Ben Crump, congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the family of George Floyd are holding a news conference one day after a federal grand jury indicted the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest and death.


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  1. This video makes me want to puke how the blacks are using the whites to gain their riches.

  2. BLM has help get justice for George Floyd….Maybe in the future we can hold hands and celebrate GF day as we do MLK day😏

  3. Poster child of the criminal, useful to the crooks Shelia and Al. DOJ are Gestapo for the left. Prepare accordingly.

  4. These people are amazing have you ever known a family pic so much cotton for the KKK comeys 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Nothing like having a criminal for a son to go from rags to riches, ok Floyd family 👋👋👋👋👋👋👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  6. Ok guys were all a bit bored , George has had three funerals 27 million dollars it's a built like milking a cow one in fact it's always been a bull, this is the truth about, he was a disgusting criminal

  7. Yes the first time…and the several times the video was shown, it was evident Derek Chauvin made a mistake…until…the defense attorney presented compelling evidence that George Floyd did not die from DC's action.

    The Jury's verdict was unjust and unfair. It should be declared a mistrial. The jury was under duress. There were external as well as internal threat. Internally, one member of the Jury, was a BLM activist.

  8. Things like this is why people can’t take black folks seriously. People like these grifters take it upon themselves to speak for the entire black community. Basically saying that black people have never and will never progress in life without the approval of the white man.

  9. how can you smile if you actually cared about gorge Floyd if it,s not all about money and keep us we the people divided at the same time by democrats using gorge Floyd death? I for one am tired of hearing about it so get over it by knowing god said forgive thy neighbors, friends, family friends, etc, for what they may do and I will forgive you. here I don,t see it happening so why do you think the lord will forgive you.

  10. I bet $1,000 died did George Floyd family will be broke within 3 years because they're all going to buy gold chains and be stupid with their money and spend the absurd amount of money on clothes just so they can feel good about themselves with I guess it's nothing wrong with that but they want to act like they're important so don't do it don't be broke three years

  11. Benjamin Crump wants the whole racism about everything I had a black guy cut me off the other day and then he wouldn't let me over I think that's racist mr. Crump I need to hire you to Sue this black man oh wait you're not going to take the case cuz you know you won't get any money out of that black man would you

  12. Only nine comments showing out of twenty five ……what is wrong with that picture and what does that tell you?

  13. When the police asks you to comply – do it! It’s not about any racial or cultural c**p, it’s for their safety and yours! Fools.

  14. I bet if they could have George or the money n George dead they’d kill him themselves

  15. Those pigs will never get defunded, if that happened, All the courthouses will get dismantled