New LIVE: Attorneys for Andrew Brown Jr. Family Speak After Viewing Bodycam Video

(Mary 11) Watch live as Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Bakari Sellers, and Harry Daniels hold a news conference following the family’s viewing of bodycam footage in the Andrew Brown Jr. case on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

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  1. Paulette Stinson

    Although the law is not for us nor does the law protect us,. I am glad we have extraordinary lawyers like these men willing to go against the grain to protect our people. They, policemen, use our people as target practice. What a hateful people we have had to deal with all our existence in this country.

  2. Mark Gregory

    DEREK CHAUVIN is a criminal and we the people put criminals in prison! The only thing is he is still alive ! , But black and brown and native Americans don’t get the benefit he gets!! So go figure what is fair justice WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS! BADGE OR NO BADGE!” GOD SAID SHALL NOT KILL! “

  3. Mark Gregory

    @DEAN TRIPlETTS you are a part of what’s wrong with this whole system!! And just wait for when it you in question!”REMEMBER WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND!!” Everybody gets a turn!! And that includes you!!!!!

  4. Mark Gregory

    @joice brown did you see a video that nobody else seen!!!!

  5. Mark Gregory

    @roma erb you for got the fact that they are black and it’s about the lives of everybody and yes they make their money by being a lawyer or supporter but at the same time they have black family’s and their children!! Just like the white lawyers for the white family it’s no difference between a black lawyer and a white lawyer they both get paid that’s why they went to college!!

  6. Race baiters to the rescue!!!! Racist minority powers unite!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  7. Ben Crump aka Milk Dud

  8. the jews are black

    American Don’t Run 🏃🏿‍♀️ Cause Cops Kill!!!🖤💯 😵

  9. These lawyers are fishy

  10. How can resisting arrest for outstanding felonious warrants be considerd to be, "doing nothing wrong"?

  11. Im against unjustifiable shootings, but folks can't break the law and expect it to be ok.
    Why didn't he just comply with police commands?

  12. Robert Marshall

    Okay this is why they've been hiding the evidence they've had an unfair advantage of viewing the tape over and over and over to try their hardest to come up with an excuse. Okay disclaimer I studied law for many years I am not an attorney in that state I will suggest this everyone in that neighborhood in that community please go to the police department and file a restraining order against every single officer involved in this horrendous murder and file a restraining order against every single officer on their Force we have to show them that our legal minds are exceptional we just have to use them file a restraining order on every single police officer or sheriff in that community and then we can proceed to the next step… Effectively borrowing them from our communities from now on if you don't live in the community you should not be able to police in the community

  13. Where’s Ben Crump

  14. jobari andrews

    I'm so glad that cops are finally going to be held accountable for killing us like this! This is police corruption at it's finest.

  15. immorals in uniform need to be removed. why are sick people allowed to be cops?

  16. The DA definitely has an incestuous relationship with the police. The DA has to go!

  17. Just why the hell are police officers trained to shoot to kill when a person flees?? This guy was not an armed hostile person. What gives them a right to kill if a person runs when there is no threat to anyone??

  18. Both sides are suppose to see all the same video’s . Each side is suppose to know everything. ???? Sounds fishy !!!!!

  19. Thank you for sharing from a light sculptor in the Show Me state. The camera does not blink at the Truth. No statement from the DA is quite telling. It leads one to ask, what is the false narrative trying to be created for the Truth that emerged from the unblinking eye of the camera. A camera shows ALL of us the stitches of Truth in time that bind use all together. An attorney's job ought to be a supporter of the Truth based only on the real world evidence. Attorneys will argue the difference between Truth and loyalty for a compensation of wages, public servant or private. Focus on the constitution is the job of the DA. Service of justice is a DA's submission to the law and the public. Private attorney's have their loyalty for sale at hourly, day, or job rates. Contingency cases tend to have substantial compensation for damages on the end of the negotiations that end at the law. The false narrative started by the DA in court is a reflection of the CRT assertion as examined for the first time by Derrick Bell, back in 1976. The DA in Elizabeth City is not a flatting look of job performance for a public servant. His standards of attendance are lacking right now.

  20. Scot Fretwell

    Reform the black community.

  21. So which city dies the news want to burn? The family expects they hit the ghetto lotto so why are you covering it?

  22. 180 page rap sheet… 30 years selling drugs to your children… and this guy jumps in a 2,000lb weapon…and tries to run… OKAY

  23. Vito Ishmail


  24. 🔥Laughing Karrot🔥

    I’m slow as hell. I thought that was fat joe…..I was like wit the hell is he doing

  25. With all due respect the colors Purple and White represent the new world order check out what the attorney is always wearing along with what Reverend Barbara had on they tell the public it represents royalty and all actually those colors represent the New World Order were being trick.

  26. I am not surprised. The prosecutor and judge should be taken off this case. A special prosecutor needs to be appointed.

  27. It was a modern day lynching, plain and simple!

  28. Professora Jessie Moses

    Great job.

  29. Marvin Gershowitz


    and supported by the Members of the Republican Party.


  30. He came home with them there set up waiting for him go come home. He sitting there wondering what is going on when they opened fire. No one talked to him or read him his rights.

  31. Whose

  32. Deborah White

    God will remove all the unjust.🙏🏼💕

  33. Let the young man talk.

  34. The cops was there before he came home. Get it right.

  35. 👍💕

  36. We Want Justice an Those Racist Cops Arrested an in Prison !!!

  37. Lester k Holas

    Stop breaking the law

  38. Thomas Glazer

    Been watching this from day one. There are 4 year olds with better lying skills than so many members of the government there.

  39. Dean Triplett

    That’s funny Derek Chauvin didn’t get a fair trial

  40. Dean Triplett

    Cry babys


    Very sorry for this loss and event.🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🐺😎

  42. Dean Triplett

    All lies

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