New Live Chat | All About The Tea Speaks, RKelly's Lawyers QUIT, and NO Dr. Heavenly, I Will NOT Work

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  1. Queen 👸🏽 I know you like Monica, but she’s a master manipulator hiding behind an Avatar. Her interview made me cringe 😬

  2. Jamal’s gal…🤦🏽‍♀️ her voice made me sleepy 🥱 very monotonous.

  3. Queen 👸🏽 I didn’t like Monica’s interview either. It was as if she pretty much was saying “she made them”. It’s good to think highly of yourself but she’s a NARC.

  4. Tell the Tabitha…
    Let keep it real, Monica did herself a disservice, by having her on her show…

  5. Sounds like Dr. Heavenly is saying to intern, which is very common. That's how many college graduates first get there foot in the door or start in a new career field.

  6. R Kelly lawyers using delay tactics. They know the judge will not allow them to quit without just cause. R Kelly would have to fire them to be replaced

  7. I’ve been watching AATT for close to a year. Since the Tim Norman arrest. Monica used to be a bit more fair and reasonable, until around the time that Marcella joined the panel and she had nightly panels. Her energy changed. My alarm went off when she started mentioning how much she likes Tasha K. Then she started doing TK tactics. Click bait titles that were straight lies, mean girl style talking about certain people that would be too much, racist, misogynistic and/or cruel. I had stopped watching a full live because I couldn’t stomach it, and it was Skool Boi, Marcella and Monica. Which is disappointing because I was a fan of the Black Socialites, which Marcella was often involved with.

  8. Is that how she got to where present? Trying to get free labor at her business.

  9. Did you hear her tell all of Plez's information. Monica is real dirty.

  10. How can Monica receive death threats. She’s an avatar. As someone said what would they do “erase her.”

  11. I’m still trying to figure out why DJ Richie and Buffie left. Seems very strange…

  12. The Dr was awful but I feel she behaved exactly how she was instructed to when she and Monica rehearsed. I was floored when she said Plez's first and last name and said where she works. That was absolutely vile!!!

  13. At Least Plez knows how to pull her head out of the Lion's mouth & shut that lying mouth up!!..

  14. Monica did herself a disservice. Most of us just wanted her to apologize to Plez and take accountability. That's it!!!

  15. I got to be honest, Monica seems like the type that will expect you to worship and bow down to her. I can't easily believe somebody because I've seen them say or do something nice. Remember that lions sometime like to play with their food.

  16. Monica is such a liar and is playing people for fools. How did she easily get in touch with the heads of Bojangles? And why would he post it on his PERSONAL Twitter that she's not Monica S. Why wouldn't he post it on Bojangles OFFICIAL page? Something is just so off about this story. Then when she was discussing people threatening kids, she slipped and referred to Monica S. Kids as HER kids. And if she really cared about Monica S. The best and easiest way to stop Monica S from death threats would be for her to get her butt on camera and PROVE it.

  17. Queen 👸🏽 how can an Avatar be authentic??? 🤣🤣🤣 Revealing who she really is, is authentic. You be hitting the points and I love watching your show because you are intelligent. I love your calm spirit. Sometimes Monica show would go too far talking about people and their families.

  18. Monica outed herself. Shes stupid. Death threats come from people she outed or lied on.

  19. He’s living the good life and traveling to beautiful places. THAT’S LIFE‼️‼️‼️

  20. In time. Be patient. What’s done in the dark will come out in the light. Avatar Monica will be revealed. Just be patient.

  21. I’m happy your blood 🩸 pressure is stable. Praise God 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  22. Hey 👋🏽 Tabitha… hope you’re having a great day.. you look gorgeous!!!

  23. Wiley was so unnecessary!! She had him say what she wanted to say and didn't… Smh… I won't be watching that channel

  24. Work for free, that's called volunteering. I volunteer for the last 10 years for students. BUT I have a pension !!!!!