New Live Immigration Q&A With Attorney John Khosravi July 28, 2021

July 28 Timestamps
00:00 Intro
01:48 New Update On Immigration
04:37 DACA Applicant: How Long Does It Take To Appeal The Ruling Under Biden Administration?
05:05 NVC Backlogs
06:23 U-Visa Approved While Still Single, Can I Apply for Spouse and Kids for U2 and U3 Visa?
07:02 10 Year Green Card if Married Less Than 2?
10:05 Thoughts On Immigration Bill Having a Change In the Senate
11:03 Update On Lawsuits & Delays
11:51 Pending: How Long Will It Be Approved?
13:50 Different I-130 Processes & Timelines
15:39 Minimum or Maximum Wait Time for Biometrics
15:59 I-485 Pending: Do I Need To Maintain My F-1 Status?
17:28 Do I Need NIE to Travel on Advance Parole?
17:56 Advice For Divorce Case Before Filing For I-751 Removal of Conditions?
18:49 Can A US Citizen Petition for Parents with Multiple EWI, One Deportation and Time Served?
19:50 Marijuana & Immigration
21:01 How Correct Is USCIS Processing Time?
22:34 If I Get Notice of Intent to Deny, Will I Get 60 days More?
22:47 Working and Overstaying Visa, Now Married to US Citizen
23:40 Outro

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