New Lori Vallow’s attorneys say she’s unfit to stand trial

Vallow’s legal team is raising concerns about her mental competency after she was charged with killing her two children.


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  1. She was only unfit to give birth

  2. Mark Henstridge

    To me that FAT CHAD looks like he is a little boy inside a man's body as he follows his lawyer into court. Lori is going to use everything con in the book to avoid facing up to her guilt in court, i wouldn't be surprised if she shouted out "Fake News"

  3. Just imagine to be so empty and cold inside…so without empathy or remorse.
    To kill your children. Bury them in the backyard. Go to Hawaii and party, enjoy the beaches and sunshine while two innocents were sentenced to the dark.
    Monster…not a Mom in any sense of the word. Oh and here’s one more word.

  4. Analyticalinadream

    She seemed competent enough when she hid her children's bodies and vacationed in Hawaii for months with her new boyfriend. I don't really understand this.

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  6. Warren Officer

    Fry them both!!!

  7. Carolyn Sears

    She is manipulating everyone!

  8. Shamima Banu

    She is not unfit…. she is pretending and chad will play the same game.

  9. Pr3tty Giirl

    HOW IS SHE “UNFIT”, remember when she had a mental evaluation when Charles was still alive … 🙄🙄 she was was perfectly sane!!! SHE KNOWS EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING!

  10. Chad doesn't know how lucky he is! Chad Dumb Balls and the Black Widow!
    She has arranged the demise of all her previous husbands–6, I think–plus brother and 2 kids.
    The new book is called: How to live the high life via stupid insurance companies.

  11. Jennifer Harris

    She is smiling behind that mask.

  12. I call bull… she is just now realizing she is in BIG trouble….. she thought she would charm her way out of trouble…

  13. {Island Bear}

    The only thing she is unfit for is continuing to breath air.

  14. The only thing that she needs is a rude wake-up call. 💥🖤

  15. Brian Anthony

    What a "cop-out!" 😡

  16. Unfit to stand trail my ass !!! Full of crap !! If she can murder her kids and ex husband , she can stand trail !!!

  17. She probably killed her kids because they're ugly, and she is letting it show in her reactions, rather than love and affection, she gives them cold hard stares which in turn translate the energy from her kids back to her as not loving their mother, thus the mother wanting a way out and she found one. What a horrible story..

  18. she has been playing games since day1- time to get this over and not make us wait another year…

  19. I'd say she was unfit to be a mom .. she should stand trial today! She cannot run and cannot hide. She killed these kids and she deserves to pay a price. She needs restorative treatment??? What about the treatment of JJ and thially ? She and her disgusting boyfriend killed them 😒😤😐 she needs to pay now

  20. Do your time. You murdered your own babies. Now, sit and think about it.

  21. Calvin NDallas

    If you're competent enough to conspire to commit murders, hide bodies and avoid arrest for over a year, then you're damn well competent enough to stand trial. She will have counseling available in lockup.

  22. Katherine Elmore


  23. Jaslyn Kingston

    She was aware of what she did and to cover it up hide evidence have a friend lie I think she was competent just in selfish self-absorbed etc. Go to Hawaii buying rings before his wife had passed away oh and now you're going to claim you're not all there well you seem to be there when you tried to orchestrate everything and you know RIGHT from wrong

  24. frank Roberts

    Hope it was unreal for Chad, must of been one piece of a..

  25. She is unfit for living! What she did to her children for the sake of a man is unacceptable!

  26. She was sane enough to kill the kids. Why should she be unfit now. She did the crime to the time. Why not give the kids to someone who really would of cared for them and wanted them. What she is I will not say. This is just a ploy by her lawyers. I hope it does not work. She did it. Let her pay

  27. Rebecca Dieter

    She is u fit to share the same planet as me

  28. I'm wondering where Tammy's children are in all this? It seemed they stood by the murderous cult father when he attempted to flee arrest?

  29. MaryAnns Lights

    One question I have though…..what was the motive for wanting her kids dead? All the other murders had ulterior selfish motives for her gain. But being ok with her kids dying? The only reason as far as I know, would have been a genuine belief in the doomsday prophecy. Not that it changes the fact that she murdered them or had her brother murder them.

  30. So does that mean she gets to rot in jail instead of the death sentence??

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