New Magnus Carlsen Reacts After He Won the FTX Crypto Cup in the Armageddon Game Against Wesley So

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  1. The power of that t shirt is immaculate he should wear that to the world championship ngl 🤣🤣

  2. Playing over the board, winning with grace show good respected.

    This was online

  3. Magnus: Oh yeah! You won't 3peat me! 😀
    Magnus, can I have your shirt?! 😉 hehe

  4. Others: Stay Calm and don't show their emotions
    Me: After taking Opponent's Queen in the start of the game 😂

  5. Such contrasts there. Magnus runs hot and Wesley is cool and even but they are both great players. Good rivalry. I hope Wesley gets an invite to the next Candidates. He's been playing great chess for the last year plus.

  6. This was me when I set the computer difficulty back to 2 and actually won a game

  7. Is the king checkmated??
    Because there is still 20 second on Wesley's clock i didn't see any checkmate!!!

  8. This is the tournament where Wesley became my favourite chess player.

  9. Ohh crap, no, no, don't tell me he's been watching too much modern sports nonsense where his reaction is a typical one, I hope goes back to being just the calm composed Magnus who wins and loses with great dignity

  10. Wesley So’s calmness after losing proves the greatness of his character and understanding.

  11. to be honest i like this kind of celebration, shows they are just normal dudes, and also i'd be so flattered as wesley to know that the world champ has that kind of reaction when defeating you, props to both of them, 2 of the best in the game right now.

  12. Feel like he celebrated a bit too hard. He shouldn’t show up Wesley, although I know it can be difficult to contain emotions.

  13. This should be normalised. Celebrations in chess. Wins a match, does cristiano's Siii celebration 😅

  14. So much stresses and pains were released by Magnus after the win prior to those previous beatings received from Wesly.