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Nationwide Maritime Attorney | 800-596-5016 | Matthew Shaffer helping people claim the money they are owed with Jones Act Law

What Is Your Case Worth?
Over $620 Million Recovered for Offshore Workers
We have recovered over $620 Million dollars for offshore and maritime workers, including recover of 17.5 million in the Largest Jones Act settlement ever paid by the United States government.

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Over 100 Years Of Experience

Maritime Claims We Handle:
Maritime Piracy Claims
Modern day pirate attacks are not uncommon. Crewmembers who experience them are often left with physical and emotional injuries. Our attorneys help victims of these attacks obtain financial compensation, no matter where the attack occurred.

Jones Act Claims
Maritime / Jones Act Worker claims, Longshoreman 3rd Party Claims and Seaman’s Wage Claims are complicated and often difficult cases to prove. In addition, you only have a small window of time to act on a claim. If you miss this window, your case will hold little to no value, leaving you without the help you need. Maritime Attorney Matthew Shaffer acts swiftly to bring you the relief you are entitled to.

Maritime Attorney | 800-596-5016 | Jones Act Lawyer

Maintenance And Cure
Maintenance and cure payments are one of a seaman’s most basic legal rights. This compensation covers medical bills and daily living expenses while the injured worker is recovering. If your employer is refusing to pay, our attorneys can help you explore legal avenues to get the compensation you are owed.

Un-seaworthiness Claims
Under the Jones Act, vessel owners are obligated to provide a safe and secure ship. When this isn’t the case and a seaman is injured, he has legal recourse to seek compensation from the vessel owner.

The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act allows longshoremen, dockworkers and other maritime workers that don’t qualify as Jones Act seamen to seek compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

When a seaman dies in international waters because of negligence, his family can seek compensation under the Death on the High Seas Act. Benefits are available to spouses, children and other dependent relatives of the deceased worker.
The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act extends the protections of the LHWCA to employees who are injured or killed while working on offshore job sites on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Commercial Diving
Commercial divers face serious risks on the job. When they are injured or killed, compensation is provided for by laws such as the Jones Act and LHWCA. Our attorneys can help you determine the right legal recourse.

Offshore Injuries
Maritime Attorney Matthew Shaffer help workers injured or killed in any type of offshore accident, including explosions and fires, falls, equipment malfunctions, and more.

Crew Member
Crewmembers can be any person who is part of a team working on common goal on a vessel. There are many different jobs that qualify you as a crew member.

Deckhands often have little to no experience before getting a job on a vessel. They perform many different tasks and are at high risk for injuries due to the often strenuous nature of these tasks.

Oil Rig Drillers
Oil rig drillers are consistently exposed to the elements, strenuous work and operating complex equipment, all of which can lead to serious injury if proper precautions are not taken by their employers.

As entry-level workers on oil rigs, roustabouts typically perform manual labor jobs with little to no training. This is a very hectic and demanding job that leaves the worker at high risk for repetitive stress injuries, fall accidents, equipment-related accidents and more.

Cold Exposure Injuries
Workers at sea are at risk for cold exposure injuries if the become submerged in frigid waters. Hypothermia and frostbite are the most common injuries, but cold exposure can also quickly lead to drowning.

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Maritime Attorney | 800-596-5016 | Jones Act Lawyer


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