New Media waste no time attacking George P. Bush amid state attorney general run

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Texas candidate responds to the criticism on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  1. She is right 3 Bush's. So this country was Bush wacked!
    Want proof….9/11 under George W. Also, Jebb signed a law in Florida putting people in prison for using a gun to protect themselves.

  2. So, I am warming toward George P.. Being a Floridian I voted for his father and he did a decent job as governor, and saw him P. grow up. Wish just I knew his heart! But then he lives in Texas anyway!

  3. This is the Bush land commissioner that wanted to change Alamo Plaza. Who met behind closed doors to change the Plaza. To move the Texas Centopath. Texans don't want that.

  4. No old blood lines allowed in our govt no more ever ever again do not fall for this crap period no no no cut the blood lines now or Satan will rise again one day in the very near future you all better learn from god whom. Came to save us this time

  5. I think Paxton is doing and has been doing an Awesome job! I'm not Texan, but greatly admire him. He has also been great at leading other state AG's to follow his excellent examples. I agree with another's comment "why try to fix something that's not broken"…and yeah, it's hard to trust a Bush, especially when he's saying they're like any other American family, it just isn't even believable.


  7. George P. Bush, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were in the skull and bones society. Should have asked him if he joined like his great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle.

  8. RINO trojan horse? Even if the deep state doesn't own him yet, I'd bet they eventually will.

  9. Senator No Name McCain ran on Trump's name, won reelection, and then turned on Trump and the people who voted for him. George P. Bush is just No Name McCain is disguise, a wolf in sheep clothing.

  10. you have to tone down the teeth a bit Mr Bush. I could see how hard you were trying to cut the glare but no luck for you

  11. No more Bush's in politics. They are elitist warmongering globalists and the exact opposite of what Trump supporters support. They have more in common with liberals. Do not vote for any Bush!

  12. For everyone saying they’re done with the Bush era just remember how crooked Ken Paxton is !!! Would y’all rather have a man who embraces President Trump and is honest or have an Attorney general who should be in prison….

  13. But but but they loved Bush a few weeks/months ago when he attacked Donald J Trump. Funny how he’s got more balls attacking members of his own party then he did w the media/libs

  14. Fck a another BUSH.. GO AWAY LOSER.. WE HATE YOUR FAMILY NOW… I do anyways.. You're traitorous BUMs..

  15. The Bush Family was a curse to the GOP. Daddy #41, China's biggest cheerleader, killed the middle class. Ross Perot was correct.
    And Sonny #43, continued that crap plus a 20+ year war in the Middle East built on a known lie. Go back to vacationing with the Clintons.

  16. This guy is a loser. Just another deep state Bush. Trump should ignore him. Guy is a leech

  17. People still dumping on Trump even when we've seen the Biden puppet show in action.

  18. Why don't you like him, I guess that trumpian cult indoctrination runs deep.


  20. If those 3 worthless rags are bashing him then he must be doing something right but we don't need another Bush in politics!

  21. We the people per state constitution have the constitutional right & duty to remove a rouge government! We must unit & remove the Bidden regime & reinstate President Trump immediately or we’re not going to have a country left. How far are we going to allow these evil bastards to go before we do what we must do. We don’t even need the audits or the military to do this! Keep praying God always wins! WWG1WGA

  22. the last thing we need is another bush in
    any office. remember a bush rammed the patriot act down our collective throats. a bush started this shitsbow.

  23. He calling the orange guy daddy
    That is a big slap in the face
    But then again these gop are just cold hearted souls
    That’s what they want cold hearted souls