New Mehul Choksi's Brother Chetan Is In Dominica, Confirms Lawyer; Rejects 'Bribery' Charge

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Speaking exclusively to Republic TV ahead of the hearing in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on Wednesday, advocate Vijay Aggarwal admitted that his client Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan is in Dominica. As per Caribbean news outlet Associate Times, Chetan Chinubhai Choksi asked Dominica’s Leader of Opposition Lennox Linton to issue statements in the favour of his brother in lieu of the 2,00,000 dollars token amount and funding for the upcoming general election. Dismissing this as a “cock and bull story”, Aggarwal claimed that the Chetan Choksi cannot meet anyone as he is in quarantine.

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Mehul Choksi’s counsel Vijay Aggarwal remarked, “In Dominica, there is a quarantine protocol. Indeed, the brother of Mehul Choksi-Chetan Choksi has reached Dominica to ensure that his brother gets medical attention. He has nothing to do with the legal strategy and he is in compulsory quarantine. He is in the hotel quarantine facility. He cannot meet anyone. Nobody is going to risk life.”

‘Choksi is entitled to constitutional protection’

Weighing in on the Antigua and Barbuda PM Gaston Browne’s notice dated October 14, 2019, seeking to deprive Choksi of his citizenship, Aggarwal noted, “On this letter itself, we have filed a petition in the Antigua court and we have got a stay. We have challenged this letter only on various legal grounds that the same gentleman calls Mr.Choksi names and then, he becomes the judge, jury, everything which is not permitted. Number two, we say that it is in the nature of being pre-judged. Number three, the letter does not give any details”. Moreover, he clarified that no proceedings have started in this regard.

Hitting out at the Browne government for its stance on not taking back the PNB scam accused, the lawyer opined, “Somehow I feel that the constitutional functionaries in Antigua are failing in their duty to protect their own citizens. It is incorrect and we are very sure that we will raise all these issues in the requisite courts once we have Mehul Choksi back in Antigua. Can anybody at the moment deny that Mehul Choksi was, is and continues to be a citizen of Antigua? So he is entitled to constitutional protection. How can a country deprive him of it?”

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  1. Proud lawyer of Maha chor! These pictures also don’t look from Maha chor. It looks taken from daad khujli (ringworm) ad.

  2. Proud lawyer of maha chor. And these picture also doesn’t look like of maha chor they looks taken from daad khuzli ringworm ad.

  3. The bigger traitor is not Choksi it's these lawyers like Agarwal who should be subjected to common man's or mob justice

  4. Means if someone Robs Vijay Agrawal's Money and then goes abroad and celebrate holidays with Vijay Agrawal's Money , will Vijay Agrawal's arguments remain the same ????

  5. he speaks like khujli wala .when chowksi comes to Bharat , let us see who's saying cock and bull stories .

  6. Vijay aggarwal is the same guy who defended the 2G SCAM accused A Raja and with compromised CBI investigation managed to save the accused. A clear cut case was made just an accidental mistake.
    This guy is fox …
    Such legal foxes need to be fixed.

  7. I think another drama.. if India arranged this abduction why they will allow to handover to Dominica.. they could have directly brought him to India .. Nothing going to happen

  8. Arrest this Criminal expert for conspiracy against Govt of India on behalf choksi

  9. Right from day one this guy is telling us a cock and bull story.
    (using his words)

  10. 🐷 Lawyer of Mehul Choksi speak false and totally untruthful, his eyes tells it all when he is talking.

  11. Just bring him back to India and let him decay behind bars like Israel does…….


  12. Believe what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross of Calvary and be saved – 1Corinthians 15:1-4Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, was buried and third day He rose from the death

    The seven years of tribulation is casting it's shadow upon the nations and it will be horrific time as never before. Believe and be saved!

    Your good works can't save you.
    Being a good person can't save you – you can't save yourself. That's why you need a Savior, and that is Jesus Christ. He gave his life for you – you are precious to him and He loves you. Ask him for forgiveness and He will forgive you – 1John 1:9If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Shalom, God bless you ❤️