New 'Mehul Choksi's Family Unhappy With Police Custody', Says Lawyer Vijay Aggarwal

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  1. Fist mr Agarwal shame on at u for money u r ready arguee aganist any one of family one involve eventhough opposition gvs money u wil arguee aganist ur family members lk u r the ppl r burden to earth

  2. Deportation of choksi .he will not come back. Why because both Antigua and Dominica doesn't desire him and being countries under commonwealth nations and more over US has great hold on this island it's simple. Because both countries needs money and needs money they will take money before july and doesn't deport him.

  3. Must be ignored the cheaters family now the time to bring Mehul Choksi to India.

  4. Vijay choksi donot give gnan to courts of Donomica.
    You should give gnan to Mehul not to remain absconding and to face trial if at all he has not committed any crime.

  5. In the end, it will play out to be a carefully orchestrated drama between Lennox Linton, the Dominican Judge and Gaston Browne to save Choksi from India. Everyone at the moment is playing his/her part to perfection.
    Why was Lennox Linton present all through the court proceedings on Wednesday? What is his interest in the case of a man, who according to him, is a total stranger? Did he or didn't he take the alleged bribe of $ 250,000 from Choksi's brother? Who instigated the protest outside the court, when the order was about to be pronounced? Why there were two voices, one wanting Choksi to be sent back to Antigua and the other insisting he be repatriated to India? Was Lennox Linton, the sponsor of "send Choksi to Antigua" line? A 'Quid pro Quo'??

    Why did the judge adjourn the case for over a month, when she was ready with the order? Why did she want to hear the case again, after hearing for full 4 hours and had almost decided her order? And, why did the lawyers of both sides leave the courtroom, when there was a scheduled hearing on Thursday??

    The Antiguan PM and his cabinet had passed a resolution banning Choksi's entry into Antigua.
    Why did Antigua not revoke Choksi's passport and cancel his citizenship if they were serious? They could have pronounced the entire Choksi family 'personae non grata' and deported them, so that, Choksi also must have to go to India??

    It is very much likely that all the characters in this drama are hand in glove with each other.

    Choksi must have taken "good care of" all of them.

    I don't think, the Dominican Judge will issue an order, repatriating Choksi to India. Such a long and inexplicable adjournment smells very foul.

    Lennox Linton is certainly a partner in crime with Choksi. He gives himself away with a lengthy and vociferous protest.

    Unless India threatens break up of diplomatic relationships, I don't see a chance. But then, both Antigua and Dominica are "countries", with population, a shade less than a large sized village of India…!! So, why would they care. There is always China waiting in the wings to bail them out.

    It's fundamentally wrong to expect these "Tinpot Democracies" of the Caribbeans, where everyone, including the judiciary are rotten with corruption, to display an iota of ethics.

  6. This guy shameless to be lawyer to aid a criminal who looted billion dollars from indian peoples

  7. If Chokshi's family is unhappy about his police custody! So be it. INDIA is unhappy with him for
    looting the Indian Banks of billions of dollars. He should spend rest his life in prison and his properties cofiscated.

  8. Not happy with police detention.but happily relaxing n enjoying 5 star life with ill gotton wealth.
    bring mehu back l to india.his unhappy wife will follow soon.on antiguan pp.

  9. Why are you taking interview of this man?? Is this good for our country?

  10. When Choksi enjoyed 1300 crores of tax payers money , it’s ok if Indian Officers enjoy a bit for a month on tax payers money .

  11. If Indian officers are there on tax payers money but no one is objecting it. But the way this lawyer is making fun of them for his job is so much annoying and gives feeling laughing on India. This person should be shy even before talking as his salaries are from Indian people who have been looted by Chokshi

  12. Return all the money back with interest,Choksi and then go to whichever corner of the world.