New Mehul Choksi's Lawyer Asks 'Why Deny Knowing Him?' As Dominica Terms Him 'Prohibited’

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As Dominica proclaims Mehul Choksi as a ‘prohibited immigrant’, his lawyer Vijay Aggarwal on Thursday questioned as to why Dominica was denying knowing Choksi’s identity in court, speaking to Republic TV. Aggarwal claimed that Choksi was allegedly abducted to Dominica to be transported to India in a state-sponsored scheme. Maintaining that only a court order could repatriate him to India, he said politicians’ statements do not matter.

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Choksi lawyer: ‘Why denying Choksi in court?’
“He who has nobody, has his lawyer. His lawyer will see to it that he remains in Antigua. On 27 May, Choksi was found in Dominica and was identified as Mehul Choski via his driving licence. If on 25th May, they knew he was Mehul Choksi and passed this order, why did they not reveal it to the world immediately? Why have they said that they don’t know Choksi in the court?,” asked Aggarwal.

He added, “This documentation shows, in a state-sponsered scheme, he was picked up in Dominica and was to be transported to India via coastguard in a plane. But the plane reached late. A person can be declared ‘prohibited immigrant’ if he refuses to reveal his identity. Politicians’ statements do not matter. The court order will be supreme”.

Moreover, he maintained that Choksi can only be repatriated to India by using the rule of law. He is well within his rights to accept Antiguan citizenship, said Aggarwal. Commenting on Choki’s ‘friend’ Barbara Jabarica, he asked, “Barbara chooses to surface on a day when the police complaint was filed. There are too many coincidences. How did Mehul Choksi have no luggage when he was found in Dominica?”.

Mehul Choksi labelled ‘prohibited immigrant’
Earlier in the day, Republic TV accessed an order dated 25 May issued by the Dominica govt declaring Mehul Choksi a ‘prohibited immigrant’. The Dominican National Security and Home Affairs ministry has ordered its police to take necessary action to remove Choksi from Dominica as per the procedure. The ministry also told Choksi that he is not allowed to enter Dominica and that the police have been instructed to take all necessary action to have him repatriated.

Mehul Choksi arrested
Mehul Choksi purportedly went “missing” after going out for dinner in Antigua island on May 23 and could not be traced even though his vehicle was traced in the Jolly Harbour later. Following a yellow notice alert, Dominican authorities arrested Choksi for allegedly illegally entering the country via Toucari Beach. While Choksi is seeking to be repatriated to Antigua where he enjoys citizenship, Antigua PM Gaston Browne has now refused to grant him entry in Antigua and asked the Dominican government to directly deport him to India. An eight-member team of the CBI, the ED, and the Ministry of External Affairs had flown to Dominica to pursue the case for Choksi’s deportation, but have now returned to India. Choksi is accused of allegedly siphoning off Rs 13,500 crore of public money from the Punjab National Bank (PNB), using letters of undertaking, and is currently housed in Dominica-China Friendship Hospital under police guard after being denied bail.

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  1. Looks like the defence lawyer is only talking on the extradition process although he may not defend the offence if he is a conscious person. This is a no go case and all efforts should go towards the recovery and compensate the sufferings of the people associated with such organisations.

  2. Surprised how the bank has lent such large sums without a proper security. How the fugitive has been allowed to escape? There are several questions arising not only in this case but other serious defaulters at the cost of common citizens of India who have suffered.

  3. The impartial football ultrastructually whisper because shop inexplicably drop following a safe repair. honorable, talented maraca

  4. Is the discussion to extradite and try the economic offender in Indian court, it should not matter if there are gaps in the formalities. This is diversion tactics to mislead the investigation.

  5. Donot waste time on this man , he will escape to some other , & our government will do nothing . If we cannot bring him back to India atleast get him killed.

  6. Don't entertain the lawyer anymore republic, he just wants to show he is smart and " khela hobe" , but we don't want khela anymore we want him back that's it , he can come back and sell diamonds to common man.

  7. My favourite Niranjan very calm journalist .I want ask where’s Arnab’s but getting used to now very soon .Like you too Niranjan..

  8. Vijay Aggarwal fights for scamsters,cheats and crooks like Choksi,nirav etc. He's a bad man his karma will catch up with him

  9. Vijay Agarwal & crony lawyers for Choksi (the crook) v/s Harish Salve (representing India) let's see who had a better argument in court? Agarwal will eat humble crow soon….:))

  10. Not a ROCKET SCIENCE case .
    Common Sense is a most uncommon thing.
    Look at the Locations of all the people through either the Phone Locations or Get Satellite images of the entire Caribbean islands , between the dates of his disappearance from Antigua and arrival at Dominica.
    The TRUTH will be out in a few minutes .
    In our country we call it Doodh ka Doodh and Paani ka paani .
    It will be Barbara ka Doodh and Mehul ka Paani .

  11. He done big amount taken of middle human being of India and so many people bcz of this person

  12. Republic TV please don't give platform for this DEVIL'S ADVOCATE to talk because he is very good in lying and is going to create problem.

  13. The lawyer has earned his fees😁. Man, tell him to save his arguments for the court not in the TV studio.
    A good masala for the TV show.
    If mehul has not done any wrong then he should clear his name fighting it out in the country and not runaway. He has chosen to take refuge by defrauding billions. His guilt is proved, his action speaks louder than words.
    All he needs to do is prove his innocence that's all!!

  14. Is bnklodey vakeel ki b property zabat kro ….. giving mugshots on news channel crookster

  15. He's so elated to save the scamster. Talking about ' remaining human', what happened to having conscience?