New Mehul Choksi's Lawyer Raises Questions As Dominica Govt Bats For His Repatriation

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  1. Dominica infrastructure is bad at the court house. The wheel car had trouble getting up the entrance. Therefore, the is no handicapped access to the court house.


  3. If we indian people can't pay EMI or debt small amount we are shamed and lose our properties but these criminals loot 1.3billion dollars from banking system and create stress on market will live in vacation ?? This is joke

  4. If and if these people are Mr. Clean then why should they worry of facing trial in India. All other technical points of deportation should not matter. It is simple common sense wherever the crime takes place , trial should be done as per the laws of that country. This is totally diverting the attention and diversion tactics is my simple point.

  5. This lawyer mentioned about 2G scams and one more and said all those accused have been acquitted and all these were Congress party members, of course they were because they have ruled for over 65 years and they know all the loop holes

  6. just bcoz they are acquitied doesnt men they are innocent……………

  7. so basically our government gave NOC to Mehul to take citizenship of Antigua… even government is involved in loot… now they are doing drama to bring him back.. just like the Mallya case where government is not able to bring him back since 6 years and we all know he will never come back.. good to way to fool people of India

  8. Choksi ka paksha leneywala advocate ko tukde. Tukde karke court me tang dene ko hona

  9. The judiciary system in india works in such a way that it easily lets out criminals to roam freely and spoil the country. This has to stop.

  10. Don't bring choksi to india. You see choksi in jail in Dominica but in india he'll be out of jail so it's better to go to Dominican court instead of indian court. Indian courts & lawyers are worst.

  11. Vijay aggarwal is very wrong, Choksi is suffering from Coronary artery disease for which he could be under blood thinners which can cause bleeding and don't need much effort to cause self-inflicted injuries.

  12. What is the issue? As it stands it appears to be M.Choksi's illegal entry into Dominica. That's the charge Doimnica will try M.Choksi. If a person is abducted into a country, means he did not commit the crime of illegal entry into that country voluntarily. The crime was committed under duress & completely out of his control in this case! What is Dominica's legal standing on this issue?

  13. Mr. Aggarwal, your client is dishonest crook. He took India tax payers money.does he have right to ask for legal protection?
    Stop dishonest practice, he should willingly surrender.

  14. What has been done with chowsi if at all done is right for all he has done. Satte sattang samacharet.

  15. His Indian lawyers also should be arrested as soon as the judgement is given. And investing all legal team to find how he applied and fled country and they should be jailed as they might have given criminal ideas, that is costing taxpayers heavily. This should be a land Mark case and show new method of dealing with criminals and their lawyers

  16. Please don't call this adv. again, staying here, telling against law of India. Show some news of WB & other states.

  17. Is he Lawyer ? He is looks a big lier, Choksi loot money from India ran away

  18. Jail the advocate similar to the chartered accountants if found guilty.

  19. Look at the face of thief's lawyer. The lawyer should be considered thief as well since he is being paid by looted money

  20. Mehul choksi looted Indian public money ( banks ) at the time he was an Indian citizen……so India has every right to bring him back to face justice here…….in my opinion 👍


  22. Matthew 24: 44
    Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

  23. It is these criminal lawyers who stoop any length for money & other favours take sides in favour of anti nationals & looters of our nation. This is tragedy. Absolutely no patriotism left. This infamous criminal lawyer how dare he speaks in this channel in favour of an fugitive who has looted Indian Banks with the help of rogue politicians. From his very face of this criminal lawyer you can draw conclusion what he is upto & how far he can go on to fight this case for quid pro quo.

  24. awww poor lawyer…… he won't get his cut….. and republic channel giving them platform wow.

  25. Because of this kind of advocates criminals are freely moving and spoiling the society health..,!!