New Meme Coins To Watch!!! SHIBA INU, AKITA, LION, PIG Technical Analysis and Price Predictions!!!

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Here’s what I’m anticipating for meme coins this week and beyond; a pattern that is evident from Technical Analysis, a look at my P&L inside my portfolio, why I feel how I do about the current market and it’s impact upon these animal tokens.

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  1. Akita inu please save my live from bankrupt😇

  2. Meme are going to thin the market.

  3. ابداع التعلم

    Pig will to moon

  4. Nwankwo Onyebuchi

    I bought spore and carom and all cost $0. Does that mean my money is gone?.

  5. Ma'am,

    I'm a novice level to Trading.

    I want to invest $100. Please suggest where do I invest.

  6. cliff stacey

    Hi there! new here, love your channel. Question- you mentioned you hold safemoon, could you tell me does support the tokenomics with this coin? if so how often are they distributed to holders? thanks!

  7. ramesh nagpal

    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. Meme coins and ADA carrying my portfolio…

  9. some of those meme coins you hold, you can go on pancake swap or uniswap and trade for eth or bnb in case something happens to tether. I'm holding onto my meme coins because I didn't put that much in so I want to see where it goes good or bad. Vitalik buterin burned 40% of his shiba coins so that is great news. I think shiba will consolidate and push to the upside in a few weeks.

  10. Marcus Meyer

    Check Sanshu Inu …

  11. already resold PIG, wasn't flying fast enough (will it ever)….

  12. Oooh do one on Squirle!!!!

  13. Pawat Phakarang


  14. James Mileski

    Pig finance and moonboys to the moon

  15. Pig finance will fly?

  16. Uskita Inu to the MOON! New coin

  17. Hello! How have you been lately? Hope all is well.

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