New Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones's attorney says police used excessive force because of his race

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Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones was in court Tuesday and his attorney, Ali Hammoud, said the troopers who arrested him used too much force and says it’s because Jones is Black. He wondered if they would have treated a white representative the same way.


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  1. Omg… are you kidding me? Seriously?…. you don't have the right to refuse arrest… how clueless are you idiots ?

  2. It is true that there are instances where cops react in a manner that is contrary to the law. In such cases, they need to be retrained and also reprimanded in court. However, I think that greater responsibility lies with civilians because there are more civilians out there than cops. Civilians need to check the culture that they ascribe to because some sub-cultures promote vices such as disorderly conduct, self-centeredness, reckless and carefree living, violence, racketeering, hooliganism and other retrogressive behavior that is unbecoming of a citizen. This is where the greater effort towards change needs to be focused, for if civilians behave with more orderliness and less violence, there will be very little for the cops to get aggressive about.

  3. When you resist arrest can you be surprised when you get roughed up, being black has nothing to do with anything

  4. Michigan seems like such a great place to live. I mean…y’all got it all. Things like, oh, I don’t know, Muslim supremacy, Gretchen Whitmer, uhhh Jim Harbaugh. Y’all just have it all. I’m calling Uhaul right now.

  5. They can say to a motorist “give me your I’d or I’ll arrest you”. Driving is a privilege not a right. That lawyer should be disbarred.

  6. The attorney is correct. If he was white, Jones would be shot for resisting. Looks like black privilege again! Also Jones is a politician, even more privilege. What about the drunk girl with her pants down. Isn't that weird. Political black privilege at its finest!

  7. Clearly that attorney can’t see that one of the troopers wasn’t white…

  8. I don't see anything wrong here .those are serious charges u can clearly see him bullying tha paramedics the police always show up when paramedics show up .there their to protect them. while they do there jobs .when a person tenses up .it means there about to become aggressive .this yaboo got exactly what was coming to him

  9. Are you going to report on the passenger.
    Was she drunk? Drugged?
    Why was she puking?
    Was she hospitalized?
    Did she consent to her pants being at her ankles?
    What is her age?

    Definitely more to the story. If this was a GOP or Trump family member the media investigation would be deep and nonstop.

  10. "And then there's this" Skips what happened after the paramedic asks him to step back haha

  11. Love how he demanded to speak to certain cops and governors….not to fucking smart pal you think they will help you after shouting out their names? They have to throw you under the bus now because they need looked into for being corrupt 🤣🤣🤣

  12. nice editing…why not show his resisting?
    here we go again…colour of skin wasn't an issue for the black cop I guess.

  13. Wow people the what university did his attorney graduate from, where is the accountability for a elected government officer?

  14. Don’t use the race card, he deserves everything he gets. I’m so sick of this racist bullshit.

  15. He was drunk, don’t be sticking up for him, and they both have their pants down, give me a break his ass deserves jail time and lose your position. Piece of garbage.

  16. If there were a "ditch" on the "side of the road" his truck would of been in it.

  17. Come on Fox2 your better than that. His booking photo and him 2 days later, he looks nothing like those pics you chose for the thumbnail. His behavior got him pepper sprayed. You could of picked a photo of him pushing the ems paramedic.

  18. Him being black has nothing to do with it. Amazingly his stupid attorney can’t see in the video he was taken to the ground by a black police officer