New Minergate Mining Cryptocurrency on your own computer

Minergate Mining Cryptocurrency on your own computer.

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  1. Anonymous Tacobleezy

    People have been saying this software you are reviewing is a scam and can damage ones machine…. why are you shilling/promoting this? Unaware of these issues with the software? Anyone else have errors or issues with MinerGate Software?

  2. this program creates backdoor to your system.

  3. Minergate is a scam they robbed me 50euros in bitcoin from my coinomy wallet dont download you are gonna be robbed

  4. abbasov cahid

    Good site

  5. Golden Kreiger

    Minergate is old mining pool. very good site or company

  6. Peter Katerina

    i have good results on this site minergate. This company only real company

  7. Iyuta Opilus

    i am use from the site. very good performance now. best of site

  8. Martin Georgdze

    İ used from this site. But low can earn. Now difficultly hard

  9. Very thanks for your introductions.Good sites known us

  10. Serdar Yurtseven

    O zamanlarda monero kazıyordum buradan. O zamanlar monero 1 usd idi. ama tavan yaptı. İyi kazandım o ara

  11. Mahmud Ahmedi

    Bu site ne zamandır var kardeş. Ben de iyi sonuçlar elde ettim burada. İyi bi site. Hatta büyük bir şirket bu

  12. Çok iyi bi site bu. Ben kaç yıldır kullanıyorum

  13. free download? how many i can earn bitcoin?

  14. Panter Sinkoli

    i use this system. very good

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