New Minnesota attorney general: Chauvin was motivated by "exertion of authority" in George Floyd murd…

“We weren’t required to prove motive, but what I saw is somebody who just put ego before policing,” Keith Ellison told Scott Pelley for “60 Minutes.” See the …


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  1. So Vain As Hell

    Opportunistic positional authority and vapid moral authority.

  2. I agree….pride and ego….excellent assessment…..

  3. Marcus Weathersby

    Pure evil

  4. Its easy to judge when you’re outside side looking in. Work on the root cause? Not the way he look?

  5. Kareem O’Weet

    Wasn’t this Minnesota AG in the Media a few years ago about something?

  6. melissa dunkling

    We agree with you and thankful for your job in getting justice. I've wondered the same thing over and over, why and I come back to ego as well . You make a good point cops are interacting with people at their worst and need to have some compassion and understanding while doing their job at the same time . All that interaction needed was to slow down talk to him figure out what was going on to my understanding that was a citationable offense so why go to that extreme right away

  7. Extremely Clever

    I'm watching from the United States Virgin Islands….THE WORLD'S PARADISE!!!

  8. I think this man is right. I think we all know cops who are so full of themselves they seem to have developed a god complex. There are certainly many good cops but there are also many bad cops. Weeding out the narcissists would be a good place to start with police reform.

  9. No….That cop who shot Philando Castile…That was Horrific & violent…..That cop got off free and was back on duty…That cop wasn't punished…Those cops in Minneapolis and surrounded areas feel like they could do anything and get off….Just my opinion!!

  10. This is the most realistic description of what I believe happened from start to finish. THIS is the conversation that we need to be having, both about the panic response that George Floyd was experiencing and what we as a society need to demand law enforcement officers be trained to recognize In themselves and others and how to cope with that.

  11. Christine Clemens

    The Spectators caused George Floyd's death by distracting the officer how about that scenario

  12. Abibifahodie Man

    Ellison is being very….diplomatic.

    He has to. He wants to keep his job.

    If he was to tell THE TRUTH….that Chauvin, like 99% of White People, has negligible regard for Black life and would NOT have treated any other race like he did Floyd, he'd be filing for unemployment.

    Preserving the LIE of White "fragility"and precious sensibilities is a MARKETABLE SKILL. It should go on resumes.

  13. edgar gutierrez

    Hey procicuter life in prison for the 🐖

  14. edgar gutierrez

    Why this officer he was stressed about his wife divorcing him

  15. Rayne Nicole

    Yeah trust the words from the black guy about this…..cmon. So many lies in so little time. Hypocrisy too

  16. Obeying what the crowd was telling him meant that he was doing something wrong so, he chose to do the wrong thing even when he knew the life of another human was in danger. This was deadly ego at play!

  17. And you can prove this how?

  18. Look at this propaganda. Chauvin was innocent based on the charges. Don’t believe me? Before the slander, just watch the trial. It’s all recorded. If you don’t want to, then you have no right to argue.

    Chauvin was sacrificed to appease the woke monster.

  19. Finally the truth. But that still isn't motivate. It's negligent and excessive which "is" against the law. Why wouldn't you charge him correctly? He will get an appeal. And these same people rioting will not even care by then.

  20. Michael Saari

    Police are the nations #1 problem.
    No other profession destroys as many lives, of good people!

  21. Don’t do drugs and use fake bills and police would never question you

  22. Police are at their most dangerous when their pride is at stake

  23. Why has no one mentioned weather in after $20 bill was fake ? it’s so weird because I didn’t see it being brought up in the trial and George Floyd lost his life over that but no one’s talking about it…

  24. Tumbleweedin


  25. Glenn Thomas

    All that excuse is because he was black he hates black people

  26. Dee Dee Mann

    Chauvin is a scumbag and now he’s in prison with other scumbags

  27. No no no, according to right wing media, he was only found guilty because the judge and jury feared for their lives and city being burned down.

  28. Exiled_Londoner

    "The crowd did not intervene"… that might be the unfortunate Mr Floyd's epitaph. The crowd of onlookers didn't intervene and instead they stood back and witnessed a slow and painful death being inflicted on a helpless, handcuffed man who's cries for help and relief from the weight on his body and neck crushing the life out of him, went unanswered. I do not know what I would have done if I had been in that crowd of onlookers. I have never been personally threatened by men with guns (knives, yes, but not guns), and in this case those men were in the process of exhibiting their propensity for brutal violence. But if I had been a witness then I would carry the guilt of having watched that for the rest of my life and there is no doubt that the crowd would have been absolutely justified in intervening, by attacking the police if necessary… and that is why the culture surrounding policing in your violent and gun-infested country is so appalling and revolting. Your police forces are full of people who think they have carte-blanche to exert unaccountable authority over those they think are weaker and less powerful, and they are ever-ready to threaten and intimidate and assault (including with deadly weapons) those who challenge them.

  29. There is a video of a crooked sheriff being arrested and they loosened the cuffs because he said they were tight, plus when they put him in the car they asked him if he would like the windows left open to get some air.
    No such treatment for Floyd, also Floyd and Chauvin had history, they both worked as security in a night club, Floyd got to work inside and it annoyed Chauvin because he was sent to work outside on the door. When you look at the video of Chauvin as a cop he looked so much different in the courthouse, on the Floyd video he did have that look, "I'm in charge here, I'm a cop and I'll do what I want."

  30. Wow. You're absolutely right! Thank you for your insight, sir.

  31. Maf24label Tacci069

    The answer is that Derek Chauvin was working at the same nightclub as George Floyd. George was liked by the patrons much more than Derek Chauvin was. There were nights where Derek and George had negative words with each other . Watch the video of George's arrest and watch when the cops tells GEORGE to sit down against the wall in the ground. The officer aka George for his name and date of birth then tells another offer to call it in. While George's name was called in over the police radio Derek Chauvin heard who it was and told the officers to put him in a car until he arrived. Derek had it out for George. Watch how fast the cop that called his name in puts him in the car. Derek was looking for some sort of revenge on George and unfortunately for George Derek find his perfect opportunity.

  32. remotesolutions

    Kentucky attorney general take notes you Oreo cookie.

  33. Catherine Fox

    Thanks to you, sir!

  34. Keith u piece of 💩 JSTFU. The cop did f up but at the same time you too are a perpetrator along with the cbs media

  35. Journalist looking like Jim Carrey as Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events

  36. If you think it was about power only an not about color you are a fool

  37. Brad Anderson

    EXACTLY! 100%

  38. darnell perry

    He killed George casually with hands in his pockets being recorded and he still didn't give a damn until the guilty verdict

  39. Alfredo Flores

    Should talk about how he is never gonna get a fair trial which will end up with him just walkinh

  40. Michael Purpura

    I agree with most of this, except for the lame excuse that Floyd was cooperative, and that they were jamming him into a tight space. It was an SUV. "Oh sorry sir, you don't want to go into our car when we arrest you? It's ok … We'll let you go then. Have a great day"

  41. soldier story

    Exactly…matter fact that’s how all white people act when they got the power

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