New Missouri Attorney General sues Crestwood spa accused of human trafficking

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Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has filed a civil lawsuit against the Royal Day Spa in Crestwood accused of human trafficking.


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  1. Democrats don't care about life. They beat and kill Asians and support sex trafficking

  2. I think we need a crime bill to protect the rest of us from the scourge of these Asian brothels.

  3. Missouri is a state where child brides are still legal. Are you kidding me!

  4. They got so manyy of these dark underground bands places in my neighborhood

  5. Wait till they trace the footprints back to…The Patriarchy. Lol, male violence patrol stops male violence release parlor. Hmm. Seems like an extra step.

  6. we are all shocked that an asian massage parlor was engaging in sex acts and trafficking.

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  8. Fijian Chinese mafia …they are Worldwide ! Especially known for human trafficking and smuggling !

  9. 😆🤣 This is funny crap. Some guy gets a hand wax job and its trafficking. Theres not a cop who hasnt banged a hooker. Leave people alone go find some criminals.

  10. Great, close it down. Now the Republicans start going after your minor Children.

  11. Human trafficking is no small thing. Still, it’s rich bearing this from a Republican. Almost everyone under the capitalism he loves is exploited. People are paid way less in wages than their labor produces in profit.

  12. Just about every sexual act involves the transfer of money whether you want to admit it or not

  13. 0:48 "Multiple men received …. " How do they know? Did men volunteer to go in for services? Undercover cameras?