New Moe Gangat Explains Why AR-Ab Got 45 Years, Blames His Lawyer (Part 6)

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Part 5:
Part 1:
In this clip, Moe Gangat took issue with AR-Ab’s lawyer essentially charging him with negligence for how AR-Ab’s sentencing hearing unfolded. Moe called the hearing a tragedy because of the length of time AR-Ab received, in addition to how avoidable receiving such a stiff sentence actually was.


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  1. Watch the full interview now, ad-free now as a VladTV Youtube Member:

  2. Vlad care more about people blaming him than AR.

  3. Tone Supreme

    That nigga said Aye Are Aye Bee

  4. Informants would say that they aren't informants

  5. Stephan Jaxon

    Ar ab was a street criminal

  6. Lie, racist judge was going to give him the max anyway 😒

  7. Still bothers me to thisday

  8. RCW Creative

    Wherever this dude practices law y’all dudes in the life better go give this dude some money and retain him ASAP!!! He’s better be on y’all’s speed dial! There ain’t that many lawyers that speak our language like he does. He’s on the streets side fasho!! Smartest money you’ll ever spend in the life. Like E40 said, keep your lawyer and bail bondsman paid!! I wish that dude practiced law where I’m from! We would definitely have a close relationship.

  9. AR A B 😭

  10. Rick Ross said in the paper work…Vlad has nothing to do with his own beat down….

  11. They prolly were gonna give him that time anyway but AR could have been more sincere and his lawyer should have told him that

  12. Brandon Carter



  14. Lorne Patterson

    Vlad he snitched on his self on your platform.

  15. He was a real one, LOL FOH, yeah a real dumb one

  16. Buffmybag pipe

    Ar-ab is a fucking dummy to go into court and not act like a bitch when you in court if you str8 you act gay just say humble yourself

  17. Vlad is the typical Hollywood jew but a low budget version. Then he says the part about him being blamed doesn't bother yet he's mentioned it in every single interview even when ppl have no idea what he's talking about

  18. The low was 15 years dam I didn’t know he did all that free a r ab

  19. AB shouldve dropped that 500k on the best lawyer money could buy.

  20. martin cortez

    If vlad kisses AR ABS ass anymore his gonna get shit on his lips

  21. Who the fook is this guy

  22. 1dee bandana

    sentenced at 38 gets out at 83🤔

    8 dead 3 different spas asian shootings🤔

    nba youngboy arrested fed case 38 baby right🤔
    research gematria so uu can see👁

  23. Yewulu Tessema

    Really really really really like him …. ALOT

  24. “The part that don’t matter to me” is the PART HE BRINGS UP IN EVERY VIDEO!!!!!!!!!

  25. Derek Powell

    It was his fault not feeling bad for AR at all.

  26. This douche is some high top lawyer. Never heard of him and who would hire an Arab while fighting for your life. These are clowns

  27. Vlad has told this story to so many ppl sheesh the ppl must of struck a nerve.

  28. "He was a real one".. He was poisoning his people. Other cultures respect us at our worse. That's what's sad

  29. A dickhead i know was getting sentenced on a driving charge which he was about to get probation for. He started acting a fool and the judge gave his 2 years, lol.

  30. Dude is right why you trying to play cool in a court room? Maybe he can appeal idk.

  31. How is it a tragedy to be punished for crimes you bragged about committing??

  32. 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    Anyone who acts hard in a courtroom, especially at a major sentencing hearing, is fucking stupid. I can't feel sorry for you if you're grown and pull that kind of shit in front of a judge or jury who can make or break your life.

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