New Money Tip Monday – Mortgage Payment Practices and How To Save Money To Buy Your Next Home 🏡

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My favorite way to save money is to practice.
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  1. Michael Johnson

    Lol, you have $7 dollars in your account.

  2. randy lancaster

    Hands down, Jennifer is one of the very best V A Loan people on the Web.
    She is honest and works very hard for Veterans. You will not find lower rates and fees.
    Jennifer is the best…………..

  3. Alberto Hernandez


  4. Your URLs and hyperlinks are not working 🙁

  5. I love this!!

  6. mehdi nadifi


  7. I like this!

  8. Chip Mulligan

    Hi Jennifer, I had a foreclosure 10 years ago. Now have my act together and have a middle mortgage score of 750. Will the past foreclosure hurt my chance at getting a great rate?

  9. Brenda Herrera

    I’m sending this to everyone I know ! Lol

  10. kris for lakers

    We have been doing this since June. We've adjusted it a few times because we realized other things matter more to us than owning a home, such as investing for retirement. What we do is take our rent amount and save an additional amount and aim for this to be our total housing payment (PITI, PMI and home maintenance/repair reserves). It brings you back to reality on what is actually affordable without being house poor!

  11. Wealth Turtle - Income, Investing, and Saving

    Very good tip. People often take this for granted. Until they are on the situation and they cannot adjust to it. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

  12. Janille Stadt

    This is an awesome way to practice. I just subscribed to your channel . Keep the videos coming. I am currently renting , and learned so far to pay myself first.

  13. terrence vinson

    Hi Jennifer. Do you do Lender Paid PMI?

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