New MORE EVIDENCE! Antrim MI Attorney Deperno

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Matt Deperno has dropped yet another revelation, and is calling on Michigan’s legislature to conduct a forensic audit! However, it seems Mike Shirkey and Ed McBroom don’t want to talk to matt! I wonder why?!


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  1. Anthony Mann

    Nice job

  2. I enjoy your site

  3. This video monolog was stolen by breaking news podcast today used your voice sped up

  4. william barkenbush

    Barcode on bottom of page not side that photo is wrong. Jovan Pulitzer says barcode on bottom of page not the side.

  5. Damn, Nick… we the people absolutely do not have all the power. It sounds good and is how it should be, but simply isn’t the reality. The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner it can be corrected.

    We are but an oligarchy.

  6. Stephen Samuels


  7. Vernon Yarrington

    Everybody pray for our Creator to intervene in the name of His Son

  8. Missy Ellgass

    Impeach that $itch.

  9. Robert Seward

    The Chinese “death by one thousand cuts”. Praise God we’re finding the TRUTH!!!

  10. JLaw1986 Patriot

    Shared on Parler to my 5.4k followers and my 90 followers on telegram. Also Nick get ur butt on RUMBLE! Its better then Commietube. And Rumbles app is by far easier then BitChute even though both give you digital FREEDOM. STAY ON CommieTube as long as you can but start pushing these videos on all three digital video platforms while you can. Keep fighting back brother We The Patriots are with you.

  11. Walter Risch

    Well what do you know , were finally getting to the point were the apparent facts turn out to be the truth.

  12. Kerry chandler

    Thanks Nick I’m on it with Affidavit

  13. Andrea Kirkpatrick

    Thank you and God bless all American Patriots and Thank God for the Peoples President.

  14. Jean Huelsman

    Never stop fighting for free and fair elections. Voter integrity is important to all Americans.

  15. Karin Wilson

    Do you have to live in Michigan

  16. David Hendricks

    Power is in prayer and faith in Jesus that he will accomplish in our country as we have believed from the beginning of our birth as the United States of America. Amen

  17. Diane Chesebrough

    I am quite sure all these audits will show massive “irregularities.” The issue is, once they do, what are we going to do about it?

  18. I don’t get why anyone thinks this was free and fair they have been after our President the day he told everyone he was running why would they do anything fair when they impeached him 2 times for doing his job looking out for the people of this great country!!!


  20. Ryan Parenteau


  21. Debra Charles

    Arrest the snakes!

  22. Delinda House

    Oh Michigan must be full of rhino traitors just like Washington state!!!

  23. Mustang Racer

    Good reminder… WE..PAY..THEIER..BILLS.. they do absolutely NOT..ONE..DAMN..THING.. for us
    Americans have no use for these corrupt thieves.. they are but a thorn in our sides.

  24. Peter Powder

    Meantime, Biden legitimizes his position by attending G7 with the Eurotrash screwballs where they plot the downward movement of the free world. Fake news media is only reluctantly and softly reporting on this administration’s disastrous results so don’t rely on them to report honestly in the audits. I stay hopeful. But I don’t think anything will happen until possibly 2022 when we HOPEFULLY take the house. Fingers crossed 🤞

  25. You heard the man. Put a fire under these rinos!

  26. Thank you for the information we need.

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