New Mortal Kombat 11 – 1,000,000 Donate the Shrine in the Krypt (Complete 1,000,000 donated)

Mortal Kombat 11 – 1,000,000 Spend the Shrine in the Krypt (Complete 1,000,000 donated)

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  1. Trophy Germany

    *Important Info*

    If you don't donate 50, 100, 150, 200 or more? Then let it be. You don't need to donate, if you want. I've donated about 1,000,000. You're very welcome to see what there is. If you're interested in whether you want to donate or not. If not, Then let it be. Save it. 🙂

  2. EL Jefe Grande

    What a dumb ass

  3. YagamiBrando

    Probably you don't remember, but! Do you have Master of the lower mines skin for Shao Kahn? Is it obtainable in the shrine?

  4. ToastedSyrup

    Rare items show up with higher increments than 1k

  5. ThePlasticBowl

    I just fuckin want maskless Kitana

  6. Why did you do it all in 1K?? You can do 100K at a time and save so much time

  7. Bet me Gaming

    Couldnt you just sent it to max price so you could not use up 4 hours

    Still I’m very impressed with your patience

  8. Arkham x Reaper

    75k gets you gear and 100k gets you skins…I think you waisted 4 hours my man

  9. Just donate all of them …?

    And all of them as in throw in 1mil.

  10. Mr_Incomplete27

    Huge ass waste of koins


    I need time stamps for every item what you get xD

  12. Herick Bernal

    Where minute is the mask of Kitana Kahn

  13. Its Meh Dustin

    This guy just wasted a million koins and 4 hours donating 1,000 a time, dont u know 100,000 always gives you a random skin, i know because its the only way i can get skins and gear other than trading with kollector cus now that i bought everything and refilled the chests all i get from them now are forge items and konsumables its honestly bull and way too grindy and they need fix it because this is burning my millions as soon as i save it up.

  14. ComicWiz124688

    All these just are is projectiles and items that mean nothing. You can get the same for less and gain in-game money in towers of time.

  15. Just do a hundred at a time

  16. I know this has nothing to do with the video but does anyone know where the Miho demon mask for scorpion is specifically located at in the krypt

  17. Wow. That was a waste of 1000000 Koins and over 4.5 hours of your time, and 30 seconds of my time 😉

  18. 100000 for skins. 75000 for gear. Overall 30 million for skins and maybe 5 millions for gear. Have someone tested it ?


    how unlock liu kang young justice skin please help

  20. Obiwan Kenobi

    Can i get baraka fatality there? I've open every chest in the krypt and the only missing fatality is his.

  21. Skins at 100,000 at gear at 75,000. It'll be random. This video is just a waste of coins.

  22. I can’t find the dumb Kollector in goro’s lair anymore.

  23. OMG, You're so patient.

  24. This is dumb I wanna see the max donation

  25. im confused, wouldnt he be better to donate around idk 5000, 1000 gets consumables often. the more you donate the higher quality you get, right?

  26. SuperHuman_J

    If you consistently donate 75k you get character items. I wonder if you consistently donate 100k you'll get skins instead. Could you test this theory?

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