New Mortgage Broker Q & A – Ask me ANYTHING!

Mortgage Broker Q & A – Ask me ANYTHING!
Happy Monday!

It’s another exciting Monday again with the Coolest Mortgage Guy – Matt The Mortgage Guy!
LIVE and DIRECT Q and A with you all! Wherever you are buying a home, which state you are I wanted to share and impart my knowledge about the mortgage and real estate. So keep your questions coming so we can talk about them.



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  1. Bianca Martuscello

    Great video! Does your lender need to see your bank statement that your pay check/ pension goes into?

  2. Thanks Matt for consistently putting out great content!

  3. How about someone disabled wanting to buy a home close to family in Las Vegas? All I have is $1850 per month. So how do I get my furniture out of storage?

  4. Matt the Mortgage Guy

    Thanks for everyone that joined! If you are in CA and need help email us at [email protected]
    If you are outside of CA fill out the form here:

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