New Mortgage Death Trap

#thegreatreset #getoutofdebt #inflation

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Do you have a mortgage? If so, you may want to start preparing for very aggressive banks before inflation really takes off.

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    Enjoyed the video my friend. You stay safe and warm. That cold is coming.


    Love Glen Beck ❤ also we are currently at SBP house for Thanksgiving

  3. The mushroom in my Kroger has raised up to $12.99 per lb. Wow!!! Just wow!!!

  4. Good Work

  5. Jake Anderson

    I like your point.

  6. Keep it up brother!

  7. Texas J Garden

    I am old I have no mortgage now. I have had in the past. I worry for my adult offspring. They are not conservative and will most likely own nothing by the time the lizards finish off our country. I am loosing all hope for a convention of states. I am thinking we will have a not so civil separation in our country.
    Actually I got it n trouble like that as a child back 60 years ago for taking control of things. The thing is the other kids seemed to like my directing them, only the administration were upset by it.

  8. Tejas Antigua

    If anybody needs bug out gear ,mre I will be loading store on ebay,and I do international to all expat,ap0 guys some Strang market trends are happening electronics sitting on shelf,food is off shelf

  9. You clearly know nothing about the mortgage industry. Stop spreading your bs info

  10. Sally Carlson

    Thank you for alerting me to watch the Glen Beck special. I spent a lot of time watching and rewatching it. A lot of dots were connected.

  11. im sure glad we are in apartment mortgage is a scam citi bank did us dirty during recession and we lost almost everything took a good while to rebuild

  12. Rhonda Richter

    Beautiful park. I went grocery shopping today. How horrible!! The prices Insane and food missing everywhere!!! Blessings here from north central WI.

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