New Mortgage Documents Needed (Step by Step EASY)

Mortgage documents needed – Are you ready to buy? I am explaining all the documents you need to apply for your next mortgage.

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  1. Hello. Is it also required to have a proof of billing/residency (utility bills) to get approved? Thank you.

  2. So you have to show you have been working for 2 years straight with the same employer or just working in general?


  3. Lamb of the YHWH Tribe

    If one of the buyers applying for the loan is on parole does that have to be disclosed? Or will the loan officer not look into that?

  4. Kokeeta Adams

    Please do a visualize board

  5. Kokeeta Adams

    Thank you so much for the info…

  6. I already loan for a motorcycle, appliances and etc. but mortgage on housing is on a different level.

  7. Not uh!!! What happen to getting you over the hill?!!

  8. lavette Johnson

    My lender wanted my bank statement. I wonder if they would want it at the closing too. I changed banks hope it’s not an issue

  9. 자수정Amethyst

    Do you do real estate in florida ?

  10. what if you are retired or just retired? what type of proof of income do you need then?

  11. would assets be my stocks – since I have stocks i can sell, that is liquid_ I can show i have more money than savings for downpayment

  12. great video, I wish you could do some writing on the video to help with visuals

  13. I was thinking about going through the NACA process but not applying for NACA until I have crossed all the t's and Dot my I's, so I will have a full document packet ready for approval and lots of savings. Does naca make you wait even if you're fully prepared and ready to purchase?

  14. What if you get paid cash and have no pay stubs

  15. Retirement statements? Like my 401k?

  16. Terrell Rayfield

    Asking for a friend…can I just type up some documents that are fictitious. Will they know? Again Im asking for a friend?

  17. Another great video. Your subject knowledge and speaking —- spot on. Thank you.

  18. Hello, I was under the assumption that I only needed to supply the bank statement for the account where the down payment is coming from. Is that not the case? Thank you so much for the videos very informative. TFS

  19. Sharon Gadbois

    Hi Shaheedah. Where do you get your 13 pocket binder and what is the brand, please?

  20. Well done! You explained this topic well.

  21. Jasmine Travis

    She said she works with 55 and up clients mostly

  22. ✨Stellar info ✨. Thanks! What about pension, 401k and Roth IRA statements? Needed and/or helpful to have these if under 55?

  23. Shereen A Wall

    Hello Shaheedah, I have a question but I wanted to ask privately and not post publically…is there some way I can reach out to you with that email?

  24. michael holder

    ok question . we were preapproved now we found a house and submitting paper for underwriting . can or will the underwriter ask you to pay so debt off before ? I couldnt find a video if you did on directly on underwriting

  25. Your videos are so helpful! I am excited to buy my first home this year. 🙂

  26. M.A D - Architect

    Good to know

  27. GodsChild B4TheWomb

    Are you really 55?

  28. Thank you very much for the info!

  29. I'm an automotive youtuber in Atlanta. I was set to close on my first house 6-16-20 but BrightPath mortgage didn't have the money to close. They claim the money will be hear 2 days later. They advertiser 3% down and no closing cost but I had to sell my Tesla stock at the last minutes to come up with $7,400 for down payment and closing cost.

  30. ThePrincessWithin313

    I'm enjoying these videos. I'm from Michigan and hope to buy my first home in Nobember

  31. Kenyon Bissett

    Just cuz you have to write a letter does not mean you will not get your loan. Just do as they ask and stay on top of everything they ask for.

  32. Lucas Smolic

    You're 55??? Wow. You don't look a day over 28. Sorry.. this video is excellent. You are so knowledgable on this topic but that was the thing that blew me a way. Cheers to you! Brains and beauty… I'm envious!

  33. Shabir Ghoto

    Thank you Shaheedah for very informative video. I have two questions about required doc. No. 1 I am working out of USA and my salary comes in bank where I work. Do you think still I can qualify to get finance for home?
    Second question if I have only one year income tax returns because new immigrant then still I will qualify for loan?

  34. eboninoelle08

    Thanks so much for your vids! I’ve been watching them over the last few weeks and I’m hoping to purchase a home fall next year. When lenders look at your income and when it comes to income for DPA are they looking at AGI or gross income?

  35. Martha Belle

    i want to sign up for the checklist but it's georgia based and im NY based. lol

  36. Martha Belle

    you need more views, love your vids!!

  37. Even if the tax document is 28 pages… thats how many pages that is in my 2018 tax documents… only the first 3 pages look necessary

  38. Linda Oliver

    Like your content..But the noise in the background is very distracting of hearing about the content

  39. Kevin Davila

    Hi there..great videos..i was wondering in your experience with different lenders…is providing a copy of your complete tax return with w-2 sufficient or are lenders wanting full transcripts direct from the irs..thank you..also what if you dont have a bank account but use a prepaid there wouldnt be 'bank' statements to provide..

  40. Nicole Wesley

    What if you don't have all of your tax papers for 17 and 18 and the mortgage company give you until the 27 of September to get it together

  41. Nicole Wesley

    Thanks for the info

  42. Amazing information Shaheedah! I am a relatively new LO and still learning on various subject within the Mortgage Industry.

  43. Palm Beaches Paul

    Found you in the Facebook group and I subscribed to your channel would appreciate if you did the same for me.

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