New Mortgage Forbearance Last Chance. It's not too late

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There are millions of homeowners who still qualify for a first time mortgage forbearance. A forbearance mortgage option is available for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages. Most homeowners do not know that this option is still available. Diego G. Mendez, Esq, mortgage and foreclosure attorney, explains the mortgage forbearance options that are still available even in June, 2021. Don’t miss out. You can stop your payments for up to 6 months. Covid hardship? Maybe a mortgage forbearance is your option.

Check to see if you have a Fannie Mae Mortgage

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00:00 Introduction
01:17 Who is eligible for Mortgage Forbearance?
02:00 What do you need to show for Mortgage Forbearance?
02:45 What Mortgage Forbearance terms do you get?
03:36 Should you take a Mortgage Forbearance?
04:36 Closing thoughts on Mortgage Forbearance


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  1. Hi Diego thank you the information. I recently came across your channel & love it. I have some questions I would lile to ask you about the forbearance to help people that might not goings to be able to pay a lump. Thanks

  2. This channel is such a Blessing. Thank you. We are New Subscribers & are so grateful for all your educational videos. You should already have a minimum of 100k Subscribers already. What you teach is so Valuable

  3. I'm glad I took forbearance last May and it pretty much changed my life for the better. I didn't squander the opportunity on buying new things. I learned a lot about managing money this year while on lockdown. I'm going to be able to buy investments soon. Looking at building a dividend portfolio that pays for my utilities. And then just go from there. Don't let people shame you out of the opportunity to put yourself in a better, more stable position. Take it if you need it and use it wisely.

  4. Thanks again Diego. Put commercials on this video. Hopefully everyone will watch to support you.

  5. We applied for rent relief but no money yet. Tenants cooperated even tho they don't live there anymore but still no money for us. They say they are helping people under 50% ami first when I call and ask for status of our applications. Totally unfair

  6. The whole go off of forbearance to apply for loan mod seems like a trick. Why couldn't they keep us on forbearance while we apply

  7. Meanwhile I'm still stuck with a conventional loan that Chase owns. SPServicing collects the money now instead of Chase. So I'm guessing if I go off of forbearance so I can apply for a loan mod, they can give me bad credit

  8. All I can say is people who have freddie mac/ fannie mae are so fortunate