New Mortgage Leadership Outlook LIVE from New England Mortgage Expo: Kris-Ann Carduff

The #MortgageLeadershipOutlook Series is dedicated to bringing you #industryleaders to keep you up to date on changes with the industry.

Bring your thoughts and questions with you because today we’re chatting with Kris-Ann Carduff, Senior Vice President of AmeriSave Wholesale Mortgage Solutions.
Kris-Ann has a career in helping mortgage brokers through some of the biggest brands in mortgages including Quicken Loan Mortgage Services, Interfirst, Deephaven and more. She understands the mindset of the mortgage brokers and what they need to be successful.

On this episode, we will talk about Kris-Ann’s decades serving the mortgage broker, insights learned from the report who borrowers choose brokers over other originators and the biggest opportunities in the mortgage industry.


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