New Mortgage Lenders Offering Interest Rates at 1.75%

Are you in the process of getting a mortgage to buy a house or refinancing your mortgage? When does it make sense to buy down points to take advantage of lower interest rates? What are discount points? In this video, we discuss the today’s interest rates and when it make sense to consider buying down the mortgage rate.

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  1. I’m closing the loan mortgage today, and I’m not happy with the lender; I think they charged me too much. The only way out now is to refinance in 6 months with better lender🙈


    $0.00 money down into my first home with a 5.5%(ouch!), waited for 3 – 5 months and now my equity ($25k↑ thanks to the hot market)(LTV is at 90.3%) …currently refinancing at a 2.875% for $0.00 money down…

    next time I refinance in the right market, HELOC will be the key to expand into a 2plex or 3plex

  3. Orlando Vargas

    Last month a broker offered me a 1.85% on a 15 year fix conventional on a refi,im currently on a 3.00% 15 year fix conventional,but for me to get that rate it would cost me $7700 to get that rate..i would be saving 189 a month…7700÷189= 40..thats 40 months to recoup the closing cost which is 7700..thast 3 years and 4 months

  4. casmithosoicy32

    Doesn’t buying down the rate go towards the principle? If so then what’s the big deal since you don’t actually lose your money.

  5. Shelly Foster

    Just like a PMI

  6. Only NACA has 1.75%

  7. You hear all these people and YouTubers talking about rising interest rates and fed tapering…i don't see interest rates rising. I know inflation is running crazy BUT the economy will literally collapse of they raise rates. I think they will keep rates low. What are your thoughts?

  8. “I’m saving $204 a month and it only costs me $28,000. What a deal!”

  9. Know Your Mortgage?!

    I’m a lo and the fitness instructor comment was great. Thank you for the great content.

  10. Hey Evan Lets Go

    Hello!! Does anyone know if a 660 mortgage score good enough to get a conventional loan

  11. Borrowing money = an awesome way to enslave yourself to the Lender and leverage your entire future. Have fun😉✌

  12. My recommendation is to go with Josh, Buywise! He’s awesome:)

  13. So how do they pay those $28,000. Is it front loaded in the amortization schedule, or? I’m confused, where do they tuck it in if you pay $200 per month less. Sorry newb question but I wanna make sure I don’t get screwed I want to buy a forever home I pay off in 5, 6 years. Conventional 30yr is what I want. What do I need to look for to make sure I don’t get screwed over?

  14. Have you ever heard of a lender saying they can offer you a better rate if you take out a larger loan – some banks call it a jumbo loan. Does that sound fishy?

  15. I'm at negative 1 percent, bless jpow!

  16. I AM Demetrius

    Noooo mans hair should be that perfect HaHa GREAT Video. You always deliver

  17. This comment is just a test. Am trying to ask a question about needing to get a mortgage but my comment disappears. Here and on other channels.

    Thank you for this info though. Did not know anything at all about points.

  18. Lol. During my pre-approval shopping around, I don't understand why a couple lenders would only offer me a 15 year conventional mortgage. 🤣 I couldn't buy nothing with that purchase amount.. no offer for a 30 year conventional.. my low but okay 650 credit score and income is the same profile. And those lenders were acting like they didn't have the FHA option in their bag to pull out.

    My wondering really doesn't matter now, Im in my new home with a FHA with a good to okay rate for what type of file they were working with.

    Sometime, I do try to figure out "why" the 15-year conventional mortgage offers and no 30 given.

  19. Newb question: buying down the rate doesn’t count towards down payment?

  20. Jorge Echeverri

    facts, im getting them every week in the mail 1.75%

  21. Helpful video! Thanks Jeb!

  22. Matt the Mortgage Guy

    So many people get stuck on rate and miss those 7 POINTS in cost. Quicken is by far the biggest villain in this game of lure them with rate and charge them up the wazoo game…

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