New Mortgage Rate Update and Housing Market 2021 | Feds Next Move is Coming soon….

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  1. juan sanchez

    FED buying MBS is because investors don’t want to buy them….why is that?

  2. FEDs will NEVER raise rates. They will never ever do it. All they do is bluff.

  3. Finding Ellis

    I'm starting to see house prices drop

  4. The lower the rate, the more demand.
    The more demand, the price gets higher.
    The higher the price, the less demand.
    The less demand, the lower the rate.

    If you give me low enough rate, I will buy as many properties as I am able to. If you give me a negative rate, I will buy up all properties I can find, cuz negative rate means you, as a creditor, need to pay me, the borrower, I am quite willing to accept this deal, ain't I?

  5. Excellent presentation breaking things down in layman's terms

  6. Antonio Stark

    What sense does it make to keep rates at zero and the country is not even in a crisis? All we're doing is creating inflation and economic stress. Now I hear people want lockdowns again and more stimulus payout. That idea alone would crash the economy. We can't print our way out of problems.

  7. Jerry Hoover

    We will see what happens. But I think you're wrong…..the housing market is going to crash.

  8. crypto forever

    I really want a house in Denver but the prices are so high

  9. Employment won’t go up till the extra unemployment benefits end.

  10. Prices are already down because people have a better shot to get a home for the asking price instead of bidding 20-70 k above asking. I say that’s a discount already. Once interest rates rise I see prices dipping a bit. I also look around and everyone is taking vacations so they are spending. Spending their savings. If people don’t have these large down payments for expensive homes then demand will go down. Anyway, I’ll wait 6-18 months to look for a house. I’m in the market for a home but not for these prices.

  11. Jon Demartinis

    Is it possible that human nature dictates that most people just decided to take advantage of the situation and said I won't pay my mortgage till I have to pay it?

  12. What happens when they taper then shut everything down

  13. UnitedWeStand

    If the fed would let markets dictate rates the housing market would crash. No doubt about it and rates would be well above 5-7%, pure manipulation

  14. Chaitanya Deshpande

    He nailed it

  15. Great detail info! 👌🏼

  16. Mehdi Jannatdoust

    Hi if rate is go up then what happened??

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