New Mortgage Rate Update – June 2021

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Discount mortgage rates are back down! Full feature mortgage rates are back up! The gap between the two is widening again while the gap between fixed vs. variable rates has increased. In today’s video we discuss current mortgage rates in Canada, including the best fixed and variable mortgage rates, as well as the best discounted mortgage rates.

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✅ Mortgage Rates Today as of March 4, 2021

Discounted Rates
Lowest fully discounted rates for mortgages with less than 20% down or more than 35% down payment
5-year fixed 1.84%
5-year variable 1.20%

For mortgages with 20% to 34.99% down payment
5-year fixed 1.84%-2.04%
5-year variable 1.20%-1.25%

Non Discounted – full featured mortgages
For mortgages with less than 20% down or more than 35% down payment
5-year fixed 2.09%
5-year variable 1.45%

For mortgages with 20% to 34.99% down payment
5-year fixed 2.09%-2.29%
5-year variable 1.45%-1.50%

Best 3 Year fixed rate 1.54%
Best 3 Year variable rate 0.99%


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  1. Thank for making your videos with great contents!!! so happy I've found you! subscribed and liked!!!

  2. This is the most balanced Canadian real estate news I've seen on YouTube. Your content is appreciated.

  3. Hi, thank you for talking about rates. My rate is a variable at around the same as you suggested, but, I've had that since Spring of 2020. Would you recommend a calculator that can help figure out how to get the variable mortgage paid off by a certain date? I would like to see my mortgage disappear, but, would like to know the date to realistically aim for. Thanks.

  4. Hi Nolan. Looking for a mortgage broker in Calgary region. Reached out to you on facebook and left my info on mortgage360 website yesterday and I haven’t heard from you guys. Where else can I reach out to get some advice?

  5. I'm a huge fan of your videos, so happy I found your channel recently! I wish I'd found this information when I was buying my first home a couple of years ago, I could never find someone who could explain things like this in detail for me, especially applying for a mortgage as a self employed person. I've been forwarding so many of these videos to my brother who's looking at buying now!

  6. Enjoying your videos and info! Suggestion for future videos – mortgages for small Cdn corps with one or two investment condos and investor-friendly banks re #doors. Thxs!

  7. Great content!!! Love to learn from you with every video!

    Wish to win to invest for future

  8. I was offered 1.28% variable from one of the big 5 banks for 5 years at 20% downpayment. Any chance of beating this?

  9. You explain everything so clearly! I appreciate you come up with the most up to date mortgage information with great presentation. 👍

  10. Nolan do your lenders use CCB as a qualifier for income? Some lenders will some won't. Also, do you notice that rates are higher for those putting more down? I noticed this when we applied for a mortgage.

  11. Hi Nolan, thanks for this good content. I was wondering if I can get a mortgage from you.

  12. Thank you for this video.
    Can you explain the process of multiple mortgages
    E.g. investor who wants to put down 20% to buy rental property. What would be the qualifications process for a mortgage be like and will variable still be a good option?

  13. Isn't variable dangerous in an inflationary period? If rates rise rapidly… you're screwed.

  14. I have a renewal offer from RMG and was waiting for this video. 1.79% 5 year fixed or prime-1.20. both full featured and not discounted.

  15. I have a question for you. Does your credit limit matter when applying for a mortgage ? My credit limit is $500 and my score is 724 do you think I will have problem when applying for a mortgage? Thank you 😊

  16. First!!! Wish I can be that lucky winner of$5,000 to put toward my downpayment making it $50,000