New Mortgage Rates Dropping? | August Mortgage Interest Rate Update

Mortgage rate dropping! In the August mortgage interest rate update, variable mortgage rates are down, and fixed mortgage rates should be coming down soon.

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  1. Can you help me? I want to move out from my bank. Please people pay attention to your mortgage calculations. I found big errors on my mortgage 2019, I left 11 years, now 2021 my mortgage left 11 years and 8 weeks. How can it be? I put down toward my principal too. What is going on?

  2. pancakes3ful

    Gas on the garbage fire 🔥. Houses not selling ,lower the rates.

  3. Do you provide mortgage services for Ontario?

  4. Is it safe and/or a good idea to shop around at different mortgage brokers?

    I'd like to see what's available from all resources, but don't want to hurt my chances or credit score.

  5. Well there goes another $120/month for the next 4.5 years

  6. Nikhil Wadekar

    Glad to hear you enlist MCAP. I was hired there last year; amazing place to work.

  7. Nathan Rutherford

    Very Informative.

  8. Joseph Kouly

    This country is doomed

  9. I want to win that $5000. In return, I will invest it back to you because I know you will help me to make much more. @nolan

  10. Thanks for your advice, great content

  11. Benjamin S. Frost

    to the core of the Earth!!

  12. What was the book you had about? Did I miss you talking about it?

  13. Marie Nakajima

    I love your videos! Thank you for the amazing value and constant updates on the mortgages

  14. hey Nolan I am looking at getting a mortgage and purchasing a home in and around Hamilton,ON if you can help me let me know thanks!

  15. Aakash Verma

    QQ Nolan: I have watched your videos in the past about Scotiabank's STEP mortgage. I am planning to put 20% down, First time home buyer here, Single Guy, buying a Condo in Toronto.
    I am getting 1.87% Non STEP mortgage Scotiabank's 3 year fixed, 1.97% STEP mortgage 3 year fixed,  2.14% STEP mortgage 4 year fixed , 2.17% STEP mortgage.
    Which one do you recommend?
    I plan on keeping this property for rental income down the line and buy a Detached home in upcoming years most probably after 4 years from now.
    I also plan on paying as much as I can so I can build some equity into the property.

  16. Jeff O'Toole

    Last thing. Rates are falling because liquidity is being pulled out of the market. Everyone is scrambling to get safe assets. So if you think dropping bond yields is a good thing you are sadly mistaken. It means that the lenders are pulling back on lending. Only the best credit scores and huge down payments are getting money. Everyone else is getting turfed to the uncle Vito lenders. I can tell you Uncle Vito isn’t giving 1% loans. Great time to refinance for SURE. Taking out new loans I don’t thinks so.

  17. Jeff O'Toole

    Like I have said we neeeed to get that median home price up to 1 million. I am guessing if we can squeeze this lemon just that little bit more we can get it to that level. It’s going to be so awesome. Let’s get the median to 1 million and this channel to 25k. This will make me so happy.

  18. Good Video and always great explanations…

  19. Biden and his team of Democrats are absolutely horrible for the economy, and there is major tanking coming. Wait until Biden gets removed from office for health in the near future. Then the crap is going to hit the fan

  20. Lawrence Ching

    Always waiting for your video

  21. question: if i do a 15% deposit i can take advantage of the first time home buyer incentive so they can give me an additional 5% technically to make it 20% essentially? Ill probably end up getting a resale condo in 3 years give or take once i build up and fix my credit. Im a single guy (Mississauaga) making 70 grand a year so it sounds enticing for a single 30 year old trying to get into the housing market regardless if the governemt has a small equity stake in the property and the extra money ill keep in the back end ill use that for closing costs etc

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