New Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101

Are you considering a cash out refinance or potentially looking to refinance to lower your monthly payment but not sure about the mortgage refinance process? What’s the difference in a cash out refinance vs home equity loan? In this video, we discuss when you should potentially consider refinancing, what documents are required to refinance your mortgage and things to avoid when refinancing your home.

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Where can you find a professional mortgage lender?
1:25 – When should you consider refinancing?
3:37 – Cash out refinance vs home equity loan
4:55 – What is needed to refinance my home loan
8:10 – Things to avoid when refinancing your mortgage

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  1. musiclover78able

    Any lender you can refer in Las Vegas, NV? Thank you.

  2. Thanks Jeb! Very helpful information

  3. Lenders accept income tax from the prior yrs Like 2019/18 . Or have to be I yr before as well

  4. thea del pasen

    Hi Jeb can you also get a deal from credit union or just mortgage companies. Thank you.

  5. RentOS Property Management Software

    The importance of documentation, types of loans is well explained. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Can we apply for a modification, or loan modification with out, shows documentation!

  7. Thanks for all of your information. I'm looking to do a cash out refinance on my co-op. I live in New York. Do you have any lenders that you could recommend in my area? I've been shopping around for the past few days, but I would love to speak with a lender that you trust.

  8. I have an appt. w/ my bank to discuss a HELOC tomorrow. Currently 15 yr @ 2.5%, 30 yr @ 3.0%. According to my finance guy – no fees, no appraisal, no other costs. My question is that I'm thinking of making another loan in the future to buy a property. Should I go with the 15 or 30 yr HELOC on my residence?

  9. Thanks for the info . I am in the middle of shopping to refinance my mortgage. I find it that some lenders are not interest in refinancing from primary home to an investment property.

  10. Jeb FHA loan it’s the same as Fanny Mae ?🙏

  11. This is awesome Jeb! So helpful! Appreciate you putting this together!

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