New Mother Donates Organs To Save Her Son’s Life | BORN DIFFERENT

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A SELFLESS mum risked her life by bravely undergoing a double organ donation for her four-year-old son. Sarah Lamont, from Ballymena, Northern Ireland has donated one of her kidneys to her youngest child, Joe, mere months after surgeons removed a section of her liver to save the boy’s life. Joe’s diseased kidneys were removed when he was just a few days old, and he has been on dialysis ever since. But Sarah’s second incredible gift to her son means Joe might, for the first time, live a life free of almost daily hospital visits and procedures, and be able to go to school.

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Producer: Sophia Rahman, James Thorne
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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  1. Alice Mansfield

    Aaawwww, Joe is so cute, and that mum loves her son more than anyone, being willing to give a part of her body that can't be replaced to save her son's life.

  2. 4:03 don't you blink.

  3. CallMehTokyo

    I know joe me and him are friends he loves scary things sometimes when I was doing dialysis he came back and he has a blast his mothers called sarah

  4. my illustrative journaling journey

    We absolutely would give our last breath for our babies

  5. my illustrative journaling journey

    Reminds me of my son with his nurses during his many many chemo treatments

  6. Taylor Tanksley

    Do we have any kind of recent update on them?

  7. saima qureshi

    Mother's love is totally pure & true 💕♥️

  8. i wanna know what happened to them now???
    what they're doing

  9. I would give my son both of my kidneys. That's how much I love my child. I watch ALOT of investigation and crime shows and I can NEVER understand how alot of parent could starve their kids to death and/or beat them or neglect them. The mother is sooo beautiful and sweet

  10. David Wheeler

    You are a SUPER BEAUTIFUL MOMMY. He is one lucky little boy to have you as a Mom.

  11. Kingofcats Kingofcats

    allowed his survive = allowed his survival typo(corrections)

  12. Kingofcats Kingofcats

    I am so happy for your boy but its obvious that if he was very poor he would of died thats so unfair the people high in places and the privlegness of a finicially sound economic background allowed his survive our world today is rubish i doubt he'd even be diagnosed with this being poor,jus the facts they would of jus threw him away like garbage ……..

  13. Joshila Sharma

    God bless you son

  14. He's pretty similar to my little brother. So happy, outgoing and energetic!

  15. Komal Kashish

    He's so cute

  16. A great mom.

  17. Яна Янина

    Какая отвратительная кукла как из фильмов ужасов

  18. Qammar Arshad

    God bless you baby .. Amen

  19. He is so gorgeous. His little gasps when the dummy comes are too precious.

  20. Shaela Safwan

    Lady: “and who’s giving you the kidney”
    Boy: “momma”
    So adorable 😍

  21. poshpearls23

    What a lovely and sweet child. What a strong and beautiful mother.

  22. Reina Paloma

    I would do the same thing for my kids. A mother's love is indescribable

  23. Bijita Toppo

    Mothers are really the strongest being on earth. I bow my head before you ,SARAH

  24. This is a beautiful story and I hate to seem like a negative Nancy, but I'm pretty sure any real mother would do the same exact thing for their children. I know I'd do it with zero hesitation. <3 I hope Joe is better!!

  25. Kaitlyn Wellspring

    He’s just so precious and resilient and brave

  26. zara-louise quinn

    I wish I could give him my organs to save his life

  27. baby savannah Ann

    Cute boy Sweet God protects him

  28. Viktoria Eiternick

    Love this little guy and his truly wonderfull mom. <3 But this doll…. This damn doll….. O.o

  29. Sorry I Don’t speak broke

    Omg this 👶🏼
    Is too cute

  30. B(

  31. Jhyh yukykk

  32. Does the mom need dialysis now?

  33. Kylee Basulto

    such a adorable child and heart warming story.

  34. Big Bang Theory

    M O M M Y !!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  35. This is so nice. She loves her child so much. Good that they live happily now.

  36. Rosa Scarlet

    When God thought it was not possible for him to stay with people all the time so he made 'Moms'

  37. Craft With Me

    I have no idea why a baby would love a dummy that has an STRIKING SIMILARITY to slappy


    We wish you the best. Hello from greece.

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