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Respect moments! #shorts

#SHORTS, Shorts,


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  1. Y’all see the plant behind him in the counter near the fridge or sumn?

  2. My microwave blew up

  3. Willy Tamahori

    Lol this was so funny

  4. Shanice Shirley

    You know I thought he was gonna prank someone to think the dirt, cheese, milk and honey mustard was some fancy delicious meal😂

  5. that small guy

    I tried this and it burn down my house

  6. I seen when he switched

  7. Travis Mueller

    Thank you guys my microwave doesn’t work anymore

  8. Dennis Shockey

    You’ll fakers

  9. Marwin Hudge

    My mom and dad got sooooo mad that this didn’t work I wasted olmost all are milk

  10. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤢🤢

  11. Sincere Grant


  12. Carter Myers

    top 5th 😀

  13. He made a FuKiNg PlAnT! wHaT dA fOaCk!!

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