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  1. I start my first job ever from home on may 10th and my hours are 9-6 so this is very helpful, I kinda figured i'd be glued to my desk all the time and would never leave my room but you've given me options and some great ideas by making this video so thank you!

  2. About the half-lemon in the bottle of water at 15:10 :
    I have heard of some people getting teeth problems because the constant sipping of an acidic-ish liquid throughout the day has prevented their enamel from regerating properly. Please consult your physician if any pain arises!

    So happy when I saw your upload btw :))

  3. Love this video, working from home has been such a struggle so finding things that make life easier is key. I’m definitely going to consider investing in the standing desk set up you have 😍

  4. I'm 13 and I've been dreaming of becoming a lawyer someday since I was only 5 years old <3

  5. Does someone know where that water bottle is from? Thanks❤️❤️ Is it one of those hydrablabla (I don't know the name)

  6. "I feel like my eyeballs are gonna slide out of my head" that's one hell of a product tagline

  7. The stretching was super helpful, glad you showed it. Can you share the link? How do you spell it please

  8. "IF you don't have a coffee cup," i appreciate the not-encouraging of mindless consumption

  9. Eve! As a gay, coffee lover, pre law kid I’ve watched just about all of ur videos. So imagine how gassed up I was when I realized you used “Deluge” as transition music for this vid. Ty Eve and if ur ever in NYC let’s grab coffee 🥺☕️

  10. Hi Eve! Gotta a questions for you. If you continue for master’s degree for business, what are some of your alternative methods to seek for financial support on fees and master’s tuition? Is it difficult to enter ULaw LPC as for the requirements strict? Do you have any privilege to received any inter/national scholarship? 😊✨

  11. do you always get dressed well when you work from home? I find it quite difficult to dress up nicely when I'm at home

  12. I’m interested, which branch of law do you work/specialise in? I just started as a secretary for a small firm and I’m also from Cheshire 🎉

    Am I the only person who doesn’t call summer ‘hot girl summer?’ 🤣

  13. Hi Eve. I actually have a question about trainee lawyers in UK. As a law student in Turkey; after we graduate we must do 1 year training; 6 months in a law office and 6 months in courts. So in UK don't trainee lawyers go in courts and see trials? Hope you can answer this. Have a nice day

  14. everyone, please do your hands a favour and buy an ergonomic mouse! They are not only a savior for carpal tunnel and hand cramps, you can also set different features to the different pressure points and make your life (and clicking between taps etc) easier. Logitech does amazing office mouses that won't kill your hand.

  15. I’ve been bingewatching your old videos and love that you’re so active again 😍

  16. Do you have a link for that keyboard? In the process of getting a desk for my room and need to kit it out and a keyboard would be great for that.