New Naoto dancing to the entire Ace Attorney Trilogy Soundtrack

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Join us for about 3 hours while we hang out and listen to the soundtracks of all 3 original Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney games.

Thanks to Gyakuten Saiban Sound Box for providing the soundtrack

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  1. Ok. You did ALL of Shovel Knight. You did all of the Mega Man X SNES Library. Now you did the original Phoenix Wright Trilogy Library.
    What's next(and you can consider this a suggestion for a future vid), the original Professor Layton Trilogy?

  2. I have an idea.
    Naoto vibin to undertale soundtrack. Undertale for all the rabid fans spiteful trolls and memes has a great OST that Naoto vibin could easily do justice.

  3. Status of everyone this stream

    Naoto: Vibing, but also working on some cases stated below.

    Yosuke: Too normal to vibe, he has been kicked from the courtroom for trying to vibe.

    Yukiko: Reanimated despite being dead for trying to vibe as much as Naoto, currently investigating.

    Furret: Arrested for murder, arson, but most importantly, trying to leak the next Vibin’ Naoto stream.

    Teddie: Trespassed on the courtroom, has been fined, but also believed to be linked to the reanimating of Yukiko.

    Chie: Arrested for everything.

    Labrys: I dunno couldn’t come up with something.

    Yu: Currently missing, witnesses said his disappearance has something to do with “gif errors” when vibing.

    Adachi: Could not attend for obvious reasons, one witness believes he saw him though, could be Izanami creating an illusion of him.

    Kanji: Searching for Yu but had time to attend for a few minutes, probably just wanted to see Naoto.

    Rise: Out searching for Yu, nobody can remember if she was attending court.