New New: Lawyer Who Could Be NY D.A. Says Office Has Power To Indict An Ex-POTUS

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One of the leading candidates to become Manhattan’s next D.A., Tali Weinstein, says the next D.A. will face big and “unprecedented legal calls” in office, and that the office does have the legal authority to indict an ex-President, in an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber in the run up to the June 22 race. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.
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“The Beat with Ari Melber” covers politics, law and culture on MSNBC nightly at 6pm ET, anchored by Emmy-winning journalist and attorney Ari Melber (@arimelber). The Beat focuses on original reporting and in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests, and was nominated for a 2020 Emmy in the Outstanding Interview category.

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  1. She's a politician looking past the DA office already, I hope she doesn't get elected

  2. You hear that Donald Trump I I can see you now wearing pink flex cuffs

  3. T Weinstein you're out due to those low numbers; it should have been handled agressively

  4. NY Attorney general is tough and she should be the one running the entire investigation and possibly the indictment

  5. If I was the DA in any capacity of any State or Fed. office, I truly would hold all of the Politicians and Corps. accountable for their wrongs!,💥

  6. I absolutely hate it when someone starts every answer with…so!
    What is up with that? Can anyone tell me?

  7. In my opinion, the Manhattan’s New D.A Candidate Tali Weinstein sounded unsure, inexperienced and meek when asked about prosecuting Trump. Sure it is unethical to predict any possible outcome at the present. However, the case is an on-going one and it must be continued. She didn’t seem like wanting to continue.

  8. This woman is just another weak, spineless democrat. No fire in the belly. No sense of urgency on the Trump legal matter. She can’t even give Ari a straight answer to any of his questions.

  9. How bout the Christians… can you find something the leads to Christian churches that funded trump nazis or Christian nazi sympathizers?
    Christians are the new Muslims in this country.. between getting there arsenals sold or stolen , then saying we need more guns, cuz the law bidding Christian gun nuts get there guns stolen and into the hands of nazis or there Christian criminals,and selling there guns cuz they need cash.. and they sell to the cash person , that’s not ever looked into, are now massacring Americans that want a simple gun solution.
    Can we please get to a corner and start following the Christians with a hatred to democracy and open gun laws.. need to be locked up.. lock’em up!!!
    The more religious militia wannabes we lock up, the more peaceful our country will get.. giving guns to people that hate USA democracy and dems.. is moronic to say the least.. maybe an extermination event is a better choice.

  10. I' am concerned if she is running for the role and isn't already up to speed on a high profile case like #45. I don't believe her answers were helpful. I think she would be more in favour of leniency than she would be anything else. I don't think that is the right person for the role.

  11. She should want to let her voters know her stance…where do you stand?

  12. Vance still has six months left, I'd imagine the case will be considerably further along (possibly, not likely but possibly even done) and very bad PR for the new DA to mess with one way or the other…

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  14. when everyone watches the news and knows whats going on, she doesn't know anything? Come on! Wrong candidate for sure. The message comes through so easily that she is absolutely not the right person to help with the crimes at hand. I dont see her has being just, but selfish instead. We don't need another one of that.

  15. the girl is promoting herself harder than answering the questions asked…. she shouldnt be voted for any office

  16. No DA will ever do anything to trump. They wont indict him, they wont hold him accountable.

  17. An ex-president is not above the law and should be prosecuted for crimes committed.
    Especially federal crimes involving the overthrow of the government.

  18. The biggest step needed to reduce crime rates is to institute a $15/hr minimum wage!!!

  19. Rich, white, entitled corrupt politicians rarely get indicted… forget jail time.

  20. She's the one who has the courage to do what needs and must be done. Best of luck. 🕊️

  21. She didn't say anything, wasted opportunity, and probably end up being another Garland. Seriously, what is going on with justice in your country, i realise people are probably getting death threats and also don't like character assassinations, but there must be someone that's has a backbone.

  22. Who is this sorority princess privileged wasp chic??? She's the last person that should be NYC DA. She needs to go meet up with Carrie Bradshaw and Ivanka at Bergdorf's. When I'm in NYC I feel safer than in TX and I'm from Chicago… I'm not a betting person, I bet if she won she'd go after all the Black and brown folks instead of going after the Orange Deranga-tang and reveal she's a REPUG.

  23. She knows exactly what has been going on. She said she hasn't paid that much attention to Trump other than the media? She will free Trump. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER.

  24. People should not run and hide and fearing for their lives from the new face of terrorism, they must be prosecuted.

  25. Anyone who ends every other sentence with the word "right?" should be automatically disqualified from holding higher office.

  26. The majority of Americans want Trump, Barr and all his enablers who helped Trump in prison already including Trump’s family members starting with Jared Kushner as well.

  27. Whos the next plant to cover up for trump????
    This is her prepping us for trumps inevitable acquittal…

  28. I hope she does not assume the DA office. Lawyers of all people know how to answer these questions Ari is asking about grand jury covering and prosecuting a former President. She's too evasive. This platform could help her promote her campaign…she appears too careful with no fierceness in her skirts. Just keep sitting in the office you currently hold…

  29. If she doesn’t know anything about the Trump investigations she is either in the wrong field or lying. Either make her the wrong person!

  30. I will NEVER refer to Diaper Don as an Ex-POTUS. I will only refer to him as a POS.

  31. Trump has a jet, a passport, money, foreign properties and a long family history of running from the law… arrest him now

  32. The question is:are you going to do the will of the people by arresting Trump?Seems it appears that your other lawyer candidate may not have an appetite to indict Trump like AG Garland who made promises during his confirmation hearing but NADA.People are not happy about their about turn.Think of Gaetz he should be arrested but no arrest what kind of DOJ did Biden appointed?

  33. Don't just have the power to indict an ex-President, do it! Please elect a pitbull DA that likes to go after criminals, white collar criminals, and violent criminals.