New NEW PERMANENT CHECK BILL! 4th Stimulus Check| Mortgage Help + SSI Monthly Increase

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4th Stimulus Check + Stimulus Program Updates
SSI Monthly Pay Increase, Medicare Expansion To Age 50
Mortgage & Rental Help, Child Tax Credit

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Helpful Numbers:
United States Capitol Switchboard (Senators): 202-224-3121
IRS- 800-919-9835 & 800-829-1040
HUD- 202-708-1112
USDA National Hunger Hotline- 866-348-6479
Assistance In Your Community- 211
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 800-273-8255

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  1. I have paid into SS since I started working at age 15, I like many had no choice. I decided to take my SS at age 62 at a reduced rate Ok, fair enough, BUT I still want to work part-time, but here's the kicker, I can only make so much per year until I turn 66 and two months. If i earn to much my SS in penalized. I'm sorry, but this is BS, for two years now I have lost some of my SS that I paid into. Why, WHY are we being penalized for this if we still want to work part-time? Take away the penalty, let us folks who took our SS four years early work! Oh, how much can you make before you're penalized? Right now it's $18,200 annually and for every two dollars you make more than that, you lose one dollar. The is BS!!!

  2. We should keep the mask on and when are we going to get the 4th stimulus checks because I can use it and my retirement check isn't enough

  3. People over the age 60 should get monthly checks of $300. Like the child care people of that age can't get it on ss because is too early for them and they are financially struggling and low income shame on congress to give money to young people just because they have childrens everyone else has worked all their life to raise their kids if you can't afford to have childrens don't have them and expect the state and goverment to pay for your kids

  4. Why don't you wait an update when you actually know what we're getting and when we're getting it you keep saying the same thing everyday. I listen once a week and you stay the same thing.

  5. People dont need the child tax to be permanent. All your gonna do is get low income families having more and more kids to get more money.

  6. What if you just had a child? Do you have to wait till the next year?

  7. Congress seems to get stuck when bills have too many separate things to consider in them. My vote is NO to the Omnibus style bills and YES to Stand Alone bills.

  8. Mask on till all is gone.everyone needs. To get vacines.we made our children get them .. to keep their children safe what's wrong with people I'm 73 had both of mine couple of months ago and didn't have a bit of problem with them please people get your shot

  9. When you are on any SSN A person can only make a certain amount. THAT SHOULD CHANGE A person receiveing $500 can work and make $1000 a month With regular paid taxes Any 💰 money over the aloud amount a person would pay an exercise tax When programs are so controlled they never work

  10. Why not for Trade School. That should. Surely be for Trade School. People pay taxes quicker

  11. We understand how Nothing has been done in the past. Mr. President needs to move forward with what he plans.

  12. So I'm enrolled into university of charleston wv but I'm not going to be able to continue due to my federal student loans so I'm not going to be able to start the spring semester so could I go to school for free

  13. What about if you owe less then 10 thousand I only owe 5 thousand something and I'm trying to get back into the rn program and I cant pay for it now

  14. Question.? I keep hearing about student loan forgiveness. I am disabled. I only owe about 3k. They didn't take anything from my taxes this year. Is it possible they forgave my student loan without letting me know? Is there a way to find out? Also in regards to the increase in poverty. 1st My wife and myself received 1st and 2nd stimulus checks in the same month, now I have to appeal to SSDI why we have assets over 3000.00 in a single month and they refuse to restart my disability payment until I show legal proof that all that money has been spent. Well of course it's gone we owed it for past due bills, but to SSDI thats not legal proof or good enough for them to restart my SSDI. 2. The poverty rate is growing and will continue to grow as long as they are not worried about getting stimulus checks out. We are supposed to be one of the greatest nations in the world. The 2000.00 stimulus check every month would be the best option for the American people. Canada has been doing this since the pandemic started. Last I researched the US is ranked 52 for countries helping their citizens. Pretty sad for one of the greatest nations in the world. Thanks for all your hard work on these videos Steve.

  15. No keep mask on just u get vaccine dony mean u cany get it so keep your mask

  16. I pay rent for 2345.00 can that rent program help me. Iam. 69 yrs. That takes all my check.

  17. I don't like masks but they help so I think they should continue wearing mask

  18. I got my vaccine already but Mass should be warned still you don't know who has their vaccine you don't know who doesn't have their vaccine I have a low immune system so I wear my mask no matter what and I'll continue wearing it even when every single person has their shots don't trust it I won't grandma Luisa

  19. Mask on, please. Unless, the State are have too many don't believe in Science. As l really don't believe in Herd immunity, it didn't work on a variety outbreaks.

  20. I still haven't received my stimulus!! The IRS portal still says im eligible but no date ?? Is anyone else have this problem???

  21. How long do we have to wait until the next stimulus check. I've been looking for work but not one job. I also have a lot of bills to pay. I have my sister to help but can't take this anylonger…

  22. All recipients. On S.S should get increase.. I was. On SS I since 97 than when turned 65 I was SS drastically need a raise.. My son did help some until pandemic and now he cant