New Next of Kin, Living Wills, & Power of Attorney



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  1. Dirty Medicine

    For EDUCATIONAL purposes only. Not to be used as medical, legal, or other advice!

  2. Mark Tulloss

    Great Help! but only the start…MORE

  3. Assume the deceased has a Will stating that a certain beneficiary will be compensated for a debt owed to him by the deceased. The beneficiary states that he "forgoes this compensation" (and made an audio recording of this statement as proof that he said it). Can the beneficiary later change his mind and claim the compensation?

  4. Abhik Halder

    What happens if a mentally unstable person has a will stating not to allow blood transfusion in emergencies but an emergency situation arises, and the person suddenly says that he wants blood transfusion?

  5. Hunter White

    What if the POA and the living will contradict and the POA? I could see two scenarios that seem like questions.
    1. POA disagrees and says patient has wanted to change their will and hasn’t gotten around to it (this would present in an emergent situation).
    2. POA disagrees, and they were uninformed about the living will where the patient said they wanted to be DNR, but the POA doesn’t want the DNR.

  6. Kostiantyn Romaniv

    And what if the test says something like "he spent all his time with his friend and his wife was a botanist spending most of the year on another continent"? Should we still pick his wife?

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  8. Yes yes yes !!! Thank u so much 😍

  9. This is like a law student having to distinguish microbes.

  10. Arslan Jawad

    Dirty! You’re way of teaching is Naughty! Very very naughty 😂

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