New Nintendo World Closes, Great Ace Attorney Confirmed, Monolith Soft Growing | NINTENDO NEWS ROUNDUP

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It’s the week’s biggest Nintendo news stories and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: Lego Luigi is confirmed, and apparently Lego really hates leakers; Monoloth Soft is growing at a very healthy rate; Super Nintendo World is forced to shut down; The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is finally confirmed for the Switch; now you can play Super Mario 64 in your browser; Mario Kart Tour has made a good chunk of money; and more!

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TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

This video was edited by the excellent Yoshiller!

“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.


Super Nintendo World closes

Kirby F4F

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Switch 6th best selling console in Japan

Old Nintendo factory

Fujifilm Nintendo printer

Bamco Pokken/Snap

Pokemon fossils

Sega Pokemon arcade machine

Lego Luigi

Fictional jewelry values

Bug Fables Limited Run Games

Mario Kart Tour $200m

Brazil Independant Games fest

Monolith has 272 employees

Nintendo statement on Labo site

No Xcloud on Switch
David Gibson

Uniqlo AC clothes

DICE 2021

MH presentation

Mario 64 Plus

Mario 64 Browser Edition

Mario 2 and 2

No More Fire Emblem mod

Also No, More Fire Emblem!

RingCon Accordian

Paul Rudd SNES

Gamecube flower pot


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  1. Here's a story I havent heard anywhere else yet: Pokemon Cafe Mix is being updated in Fall 2021… this is from the game, "in addition to expandong the game's content in this update-we've decided to do a complete overhaul of the game system as well". Its cool to see that they are still supporting it I guess but idk what this actually is lol

  2. 7:32 there's no way the Infinity Gauntlet is worth less than a friggin' necklace that got tossed into the ocean. I'd put most "real" jewelry quite a bit lower on thst list, at least lower than a sword made of friggin' diamond.

  3. Hey Lego? If you don't want people to know about something, maybe don't have the previous thing yell about it at children, hmm?

  4. I swear this is stupid that people freaking hate fire emblem in smash because of the rep, when mario has aton of characters as well

  5. They bring the spirit of the Gameboy Printer, when are we going to get a new Gameboy player!? Or I should say an upgrade to the Gameboy player like a DS/3DS player for the switch

  6. When there isn’t much Pokémon or smash news, Nintendo just becomes soo uninteresting

  7. If someone came on to me like microsoft tries to come on to nintendo

    I'd be able to file a restraining order

  8. Sorry about Lego’s claim. They are pretty notorious for doing that when a Lego YouTuber shows leaks. They also attack the leak posters on Instagram I’ve heard. Just a lego thing I guess lol

  9. I just wanted to say I found about Bug Fables because of this channel, and I absolutely ADORED IT!!! Every frustrated Paper Mario fan, PLAY IT, IT'S AMAZING!!

  10. >Fire Emblem Echoes Amiibo dungeon remix of Mila's divine protection

    Holy shit massive props to the editor

  11. 8:42 Darling, her nickname is Vi and her full name is pronounced Vee-oh-lay, according to the devs, lol.

  12. @arlo sorry to break it to you…. but monster hunter world was getting updates up until just before they announced rise… so we are likely to be getting updates to rise for like 3 years or something… well after new snap’s release

  13. First off you scared me when you said Nintendo World closed, and secondly I am holding out hard for this Great Ace Attorney to be sign for new Ace Attorney games in the future (Phoenix deserves more adventures and Athena deserves her own game!)

  14. I just impulsively bought the Bug Fables Collectors Edition for $101 and honestly it might have been one of the best impulse buys in my life. I kept forgetting that this game existed and I'm really glad I did cause now I'm getting the Collectors Edition soon

  15. ARLO! You made me get the physical release of bug fables!! I'm so excited to have it physical!! I've been holding off until now but now I will have it !

  16. I just got a gameboy printer recently and it works like a dreaaaaammm!!!! It was a dream come true. I have to get the pikachu printer!!

  17. I work at a drug store and for some reason always sell out of the old school drop off film cameras….with teens being the buyers. I don't know why that is, but I'm sure that Pokemon film product will be a hit with the kids.

  18. Already ordered my Bug Fables copy! I'm expecting GREAT things with all that you've spouted about it over the months. 😛 Jkjk, it'll be sweet. B)