New No Crypto Utah Commercial

Ad campaign to help stop the spread of Cryptosporidium‏ from Utah’s public pools. Produced by Cosmic Pictures and Vanguard Media Group. Director: Greg Keifer. Actor: Sina Amedson


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  1. The smoking hot blonde used to work for a local radio station in town at X 96 in Salt Lake City. She came to my work at Iggy's Sports Grill downtown years ago, where I was waiting tables, to be on hand for a remote broadcast.

    Oh, and I also saw her compete in a lingerie contest at some club. I wish I had her for a girlfriend.

  2. KuroDensetsu


  3. @shig27frag You're garbage and will never amount to anything close to most of the middle easterners you ignorantly hate. Know your place and keep your mouth shut.

  4. Sina Amedson

    @xorn1111 Sure why not? Are you willing to deal with my incontinence issues? 🙂

  5. LOL, that not the way to put the POO in pool. 😛

  6. Cute Girls Hairstyles

    I always have a hard time explaining this commercial because it hasn't aired much this summer. It is so funny, and can only be appreciated when watched! Nasty!

  7. This is the second summer we're had this ad in Utah. I laugh every time I see it, telling anyone who'll listen, "That's my friend, Sina!" Awesome, dude!!!

  8. Man that guy is sooo hot! He must make some lucky girl pretty happy :]


  9. Pete Pavloff

    It is an aging don juan wanna be kind of sort of.

  10. Jason Hewlett

    Sina! Bro, I just saw this commercial this morning and fell out of bed laughing. Congrats my friend, great work, great hair, great tan.

  11. Sina Amedson

    Thanks Steph. I posted it as soon as I found a file of it. It's been up since it started airing on tv but I think I may have used tags that made it hard to find. Some friends have been having a hard time finding it as well.

    I'm glad you liked it.


  12. Two thumbs up!

  13. Kimberly BurnettHanssen

    Oh Sina!!! This is a riot!!! xok

  14. Brett Merritt

    Love it. Nice work.

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